Chapter 1: The New(ish) Hero on the Block

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I just wanted to say for anyone who wants to adopt any (except Revealed sorry) of my Stony/Superfamily fanfictions can, now ON WITH THE STORY!
Peter swung himself high up into the air dodging skyscrapers and all sorts of other stuff on the New York city skyline. WHAM something (or someone) smashed into him and knocked him off course into a rather dark alley, at least a solid two blocks from his school. After hitting his chin on a the edge of a rooftop, hit both his head and body on a fire escape.

Stupid place to put a fire escape if you ask me trying to pull himself up off where he landed on his now sore ass on the ground, only to fall back down on his ass and fell over backwards "I feel like a turtle." Peter mutters struggling to at least sit up, only to fall down all over again.

Peter layed there in the dark alley for about a moment or two whenever who had knocked him off course came over. "Spider-Man as of the recent Superhero Registration Act you are hereby under arrest until you reveal your true identity. Now stand up and put your hands behind your head." Peter groaned inwardly, the stupid Superhero Registration Act is why he was swinging as Spidey to school. It had been a week since his dad's split over their diferent opinions on the subject of Superhero's and their true identity, and a week since he seems any of his friends, his favourite high school bully (please note heavy use of sarcasm), and his boyfriend who was currently working on the other side of the globe, or been Spider-Man.

"Two things, one I have school to attend and I have missed an entire and two I can't stand up." The dude pulled out some sort of . . . that's when his spidey sense went crazy and Peter was able to move without falling over and swinging no longer taking his own sweet time heading to school.

Gwen, Harry, and MJ were all standing in front of the biggest bush on the school's front lawn and Peter dropped into it and telling them to ignore him for a minute or two, and Peter started pulling off his mask and gloves and pulling on clothes that covered most of his suit.

Just then the dude trying to arrest Peter dropped in, "excuse-" pants from running after him. "Me, but has anyone seen a - *pant pant* teenager wearing a *pants some more* spandex suit?" While everyone stared at him like he had lost his marbles. Peter popped out of the bush he changed in he quickly whispered "come on" and they left as normally quick as possible.

"Hungry? Pete? Hey Pete, earth to Peter Parker Rodgers-Stark . . ." Peter shook his head to clear it and looked at MJ like he just noticed her which caused Gwen and Harry to start laughing. "Are you hungry?" Peter's stomach answered MJ for him. Causing Gwen and Harry to laugh even harder.

Peter had just arrived in first period when Tony Rodgers-Stark came barging in looking majorly pissed about something, and he was called to the main office. "Hey Dad" Peter said with a grin. "Peter Parker Rodgers-Stark you are coming home with me now, NO buts." Tony snapped as Peter opened his mouth to protest. The drive back to the tower in the car had an intense silent atmosphere. Tony was glaring at Peter, Peter was avoiding looking at him in the fa-actually he was avoiding looking at him at all, and Happy was driving humming along to some song on the radio.

"Pete, your Pops wants to see you." Peter changed from staring up at the ceiling to staring out the farthest window from where he was sitting, and focused on not crying. " Peter bud? Can you look at me?" A tear slid down his cheek and he continued glaring out the window, Happy stopped humming. " Peter I'm thinking about home schooling you," Peter still didn't look at Tony "your friends can still visit you and everything I just think that the tower would be a lot safer . . ."

"No, what you want is to keep home so I don't go chasing after Pops! You haven't cared about my friends for a whole week!" The car slowed as Happy pulled up to the driveway and Peter undid his seatbelt. "I hate you don't want to be homeschooled, hell I don't want to see your stupid face ever again!" Peter shouted at Tony hoping out of the car and slamming the car door shut behind him and ran into the tower nearly breaking the glass doors as he slammed them shut and ran through the loby and started pushing the elevator button impatient to get away from Tony as fast as possible without using his power tears streaking down his face.

It was a long elevator (partially because he pulled the wires the allowed the elevator cart to move out so Tony wouldn't join him). He screamed, cried, screamed and cried some more banged his head on the wall until he had what felt like a bad headache. That's when the speakers turned on.

"Peter," it was his Pops voice coming through the speakers "can you please fix the wires and come join us we have something to talk to you about." Peter sat there for another five minutes before fixing the wiring.

After walking off the elevator Peter noticed that his parents weren't the only superheroes there in the tower.

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