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'He won't stop texting me,' Jade said to her girls as they walked through the hallway of the hospital

'He won't stop texting me,' Jade said to her girls as they walked through the hallway of the hospital. 

'Kyle?' Jesy asked.

'No, Hughie,' Jade joked. Jesy shot her a look. 'Of course, Kyle! I mean, he doesn't remember what happened during the spell, but he still didn't do anything when Eliza was attacked, so I'm not going to do anything now. I'm not replying. See how he likes to be ignored.'

'Good girl,' Leigh-Anne said, patting her on the back. 'I know it's hard but you don't have to talk to him if you don't want to.'

The girls walked into a quiet ward. Eliza lay in the bed near the window. 

'I'm so glad she woke up when she was supposed to,' Perrie said, keeping her voice low so nobody other than the girls could hear her. 'She was so reluctant to come forward during the spell, but I think with all of us here, she'll name those who attacked her and they can go to jail.'

Perrie walked to the bed first, taking slow movements to make sure she didn't overwhelm Eliza straight away.

Eliza moved her head on the pillow to look at the people approaching. She smiled when she saw who they were. 'Perrie! Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne. I wasn't expecting visitors.'

'Of course we would visit you! You've been through something so traumatic, but just know that we are here for you, every single step of the way.'

'Thank you so much,' Eliza said, her eyes filling with tears. 'I felt so lonely before the attack, like I had no one. It warms my heart to think I have support now.'

'We all needed to change,' Leigh-Anne said as she took a seat. 'A lot of people liked to turn blind eyes, including us sometimes, but like Perrie said, we are here, one-hundred percent.'

'Is there anything you need?' Jade asked, sitting on the bottom of the bed. Jesy leaned on the window.

'I'm alright,' Eliza said. She didn't sound convincing.

'Are you ready to tell the police about who attacked you?' Jesy asked, trying to sound as sensitive as she could. 'Whoever it was is still out there and could hurt someone else.'

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