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'We should go home,' Perrie said, finally breaking the silence that kept the girls suspended in time

'We should go home,' Perrie said, finally breaking the silence that kept the girls suspended in time. 'We've had a busy day.'

'Agreed,' Jesy replied, and was the first to drop her hands to her side, breaking the hand-holding circle. 

'The sooner I get in bed, the better,' Jade commented, then headed for the door. Before they could leave, a voice from the curtain stopped them.

'Girls, you're back so soon?' 

The girls turned - it was Alicia. She appeared tranquil, and greeted the girls with a smile. The girls were too speechless to reply; a mixture of fear and confusion kept them silent.

'You only came in an hour ago to cast that love spell, did you forget an ingredient?'

'Love spell?!' Leigh-Anne shouted in shock.

'You girls are acting strange,' Alicia said with narrowed eyes. 'Did something go wrong with the spell? Has it made you lose your memory? Some spells can have that effect if cast incorrectly.'

The girls looked at each other, seeing them in the same outfits they wore the night they cast Black Magic. It had been hard to tell due to the barrier of tears that kept them from seeing properly.

'We haven't cast the spell yet...' Jesy observed, looking at her pyjama top. 

Leigh-Anne's hand dived into her pocket for her mobile phone. 'If we haven't cast the spell yet, that means...' She found Gary's number in her phone and called it. It rang, and rang, and for a moment, her hope faded. 

But, before she put the phone down, Gary picked up. 'Leigh-Anne, look, I'm sorry for snapping at you but you have to admit, this situation between us has gotten a little crazy.'

'GARY!' Leigh-Anne cried. She didn't care that they were supposed to be in the middle of an argument, she was just happy that he was alive. The other girls laughed and hugged one another at the news. 'I'm coming 'round. I don't care if you say no, I have to see you. I am so sorry about everything, please let me explain in person.'

Gary hesitated. 'Fine,' he finally said. 'But can you bring something to eat? There's nothing in.'

Leigh-Anne laughed. 'Yes! Yes, I will!'

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