15 ► S E C R E T • L O V E • S O N G • P A R T • I I

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 If you prefer, play the song on the Spotify playlist or from your own music collection to hear the album version

Leigh-Anne rushed down the corridors of the hospital. She tried to avoid bumping into anybody, but the amount of people who saturated the place made it impossible - she just hoped that she didn't make anybody's injuries worse. Every now and then she would say 'sorry', 'sorry', 'sorry!'

Her phone buzzed, and she saw that her girls had been trying to phone her - 5 missed calls from Perrie, 7 missed calls from Jade, 19 missed calls from Jesy. Perrie's name appeared on the screen, and Leigh-Anne picked up.

'Is everything okay?' Leigh-Anne wheezed down the phone.

'Oh my God, you're alive! We have been so worried!' Perrie yelled on the other side. The relief in her voice was overwhelming.

'I got a phone call from Gary - he overdosed! I'm currently at the hospital now and I have no idea how he is.'

'Oh Leigh-Anne, I am so, so sorry! Go, make sure he's okay - we are okay. We were just worried about you, is all. We are going back to the magic shop to find Blaine so we are fine. Please keep in touch so you can let us know how Gary is.'

'I will, I promise.' Leigh-Anne said as her voice cracked. She put down the phone and headed for the reception desk.

People were scattered everywhere. It appeared as though every single doctor and nurse were preoccupied with the barrage of patients before them. Leigh-Anne felt awful, but she pushed her way past many of them to get to the desk.

'Please, please help me!' Leigh-Anne said to the receptionist.

'Are you hurt? Is it an emergency?' The man behind the desk asked.

'No! My friend had an overdose and he's been rushed here, I didn't make it to the house in time. Do you know where he is? His name is Gary, Gary Edward Wood.'

The receptionist rapidly typed on his keyboard, then looked up at Leigh-Anne. 'He's is currently having his stomach pumped. I can't tell you where that it is but if you wait, once he's moved to a ward, I can give you more information.'

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