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Remember to stop and watch / listen to the song before continuing - the songs are part of the story.

Remember to stop and watch / listen to the song before continuing - the songs are part of the story

'What did you just say to me?' Rachael asked as she stopped to glare at Leigh-Anne. 'Have you lost your mind?' She started to walk slowly back to the girls and everyone in the rally. Leigh-Anne, Jesy, Jade and Perrie all stood as firm as they could.

'What is your problem, Rachael?' Jesy asked. 'You've always looked down on us and I want to know why. What did we ever do to deserve it?'

Rachael paused to think. 'I just don't like you. None of my friends do. I don't like looking at you. I don't like speaking to you. This school would be a better place if you all left it. The elite should stay, the scum should go.'

'You sound like Donald Trump!' Jade laughed. 

'He makes some valid points about the state of society. It's extremely relevant to how this school just reeks of desperate cretins.'

► 'Is that so?' Perrie said with a tone of finality in her voice. It was evident that she, and everyone else who stood with her, was getting sick of the judgment. 

'Yes. It is. And no matter what kind of hypnotism you place on everyone, the four of you are the most pathetic bunch of girls I have ever had to deal with. Just look at her,' she said, looking directly at Jesy.

'We are looking,' Perrie replied. 'And she is so beautiful, and inspiring, and a much better human being than you'll ever be.'

'I used to let your words affect me, Rachael. Seriously, you hurt me time and time again and I could never recover from it by myself. I'm a lot stronger now and I have so much support. If it wasn't for my girls, and all these brave people behind me, I wouldn't even be here right now. I never would have had the courage to say this to you.'

Jesy stood ahead of the girls, directly opposing Rachael.

'Ladies all across the world, listen up, we're looking for recruits. If you're with me, lemme see your hands, stand up and salute. Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps, or lace up your boots. Representing all the women - Salute! Salute!...'

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