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Remember to stop and watch / listen to the song before continuing - the songs are part of the story.

Remember to stop and watch / listen to the song before continuing - the songs are part of the story

Leigh-Anne tapped her foot anxiously. She couldn't sit still as she waited to see the headmaster. She knew she had nothing to fear regarding school approval for the rally that will see every student who has ever felt undermined or bullied finally taking a stand and showing their support for one another. What she did worry about was Blaine, the other bullies, and the whereabouts of the spell book.

'Miss Pinnock, the headmaster will see you now,' a stern-looking woman said from behind an overgrown desk. Leigh-Anne almost didn't catch her at first, but she soon snapped out of her trance and headed to the headmaster's office. 

'Mr. Cowell?' Leigh-Anne meekly asked as she stepped through the doorway. 

'Miss Pinnock, please, close the door behind you and take a seat,' he told her and waited for her to sit before continuing. 'You shouldn't be alarmed, I can see it in your eyes.'

Leigh-Anne stifled a laugh. 'I'm fine, well, as long as you don't go back on your word about the rally.' She felt she may have been a little too bold, but Mr. Cowell gave her a supportive laugh.

'Don't be silly, of course I haven't! It's in two hours, isn't it? It's a bit late to cancel now. I called you in because there is now a lot of attention on this rally. Depending on the outcome, the reception of this school could either be positive or negative. I'm hoping we can keep it positive.'

'Absolutely,' Leigh-Anne said. 'The entire mission of the anti-bullying society is to make sure we have a positive school environment so no student ever feels like they don't belong. I know first-hand how hard it can be to come to school every day anticipating some kind of abuse. If more people showed their support for one another, this school will see less bullying every single day.'

'It won't be as easy as that and it can't change overnight, but you have the full support of myself and the school board. I believe in this cause.'

Leigh-Anne felt relaxed. 'Thank you, that means a lot.'

'I just wanted to make sure that you and everyone going to the rally is prepared.'

'We are meeting in the auditorium this morning; I'll be heading straight there after this meeting.'

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