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Jesy stormed down the hallway, wiping tears from her eyes that were smudging her beautifully-lined mascara

Jesy stormed down the hallway, wiping tears from her eyes that were smudging her beautifully-lined mascara. She swore she saw Perrie up ahead, turning a corner towards the exit as she was audibly talking on the phone with Blaine. She didn't want to follow her - just looking at her made her angry. How dare she want to ruin her engagement.

The phone in her pocket started to vibrate. It was Hughie. She picked it up gladly; he was the only person who was making her happy.

'Hi love,' he said on the other end. Just hearing his voice filled Jesy with so much hope and positivity.

'Hi,' Jesy tried to say, but broke down in tears.

'Hey, hey, what's wrong?' Hughie asked, his voice laced with concern.

She took a moment to re-adjust herself. 'I've just had a fight with my friends; they've really upset me.'

Hughie started to shush her to calm her down. 'Where are you, I'll come get you? You don't need to be in any kind of toxic environment.'

'I'm still in the school, I can meet you in the car park?'

'Okay, I'm heading straight there.'

'Hughie...' Jesy started.


She hesitated, but she had to ask following the conversation with the girls. 'You have no idea what happened to Eliza, do you?'

'Eliza? No, I don't even know what actually happened. Why?'

Jesy felt relief wash over her. His voice was genuine - not only because of the spell, but because of how she felt about him. She believed him. 'No reason. See you in five minutes.'

'See you then, after all, we have a wedding to plan, and I'm thinking the sooner the better!'


Leigh-Anne re-applied her make-up in the girls' bathroom mirror. The first thing she wanted to do whenever she felt pain was phone her girls. It tore even deeper that she couldn't even do that. 

She heard a toilet flush, and Rachael Parker appeared from the cubicle. She looked at Leigh-Anne with disgust.

'Having fun, are we?' She asked as she stood at the sink next to Leigh-Anne.

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