Mind Walking

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Mind Walking 

Part 1 

Whoa.... Where am I? 

When I look around I see a beautiful meadow, flowers everywhere, a stream bubbling through, and a giant tree in the middle of it all. Seriously, where is the HELL am I? I for some reason forget everything while I'm here. My Geometry test on Monday, my newborn sister, not only the bad things but the good things too. My best friend Cindy, my loving mother, my crush, . All of it just, is gone, my worries and my loves, can't touch or affect me here.  

I walk up slowly to the huge tree, as I walk my steps seem to echo, like a thousand bells. Step...jingle...step...jingle...step...jingle. When I reached the tree, my footsteps stopped. My hand reached up to touch one of its branches, and when I touched, butterflies flew out, more than a thousand. They fluttered around the tree. I held my palm out and one landed on it. Suddenly, I heard a voice that wasn't mine. 

"I have to study for the test! God...stupid John! Why can't he just stop being so possessive! He calls me every night! And we end up talking till one. GOD, I can't study about the French Revolution at one am!!" 

Whoa...what was that? Just shake it off Crystal. I end up just laying on the grass with my back to the tree. Then I feel something drop on my head, THUMP! But...for some reason that doesn't hurt. I pick it up, it's a fruit. Like a mix between an apple and an orange. Shaped like an apple, but the color of an orange. I took a bite out of it; I have no idea why I did it. Especially if I knew what was going to happen next. I had a vision. I was like a ghost, transparent, watching a couple on the park swings, and I felt myself fall, all I was conscious of, all that I was focused on, was what was happening on the swings. I go deeper and deeper and deeper...nothingness...

They look so happy, sitting there, talking. She reaches out to hold his hand; he smiles then leans across to peck her on the lips. His golden hair tickles her ear, and she giggles. There was so much love in his their eyes that you could feel it in the air. She slowly puts her dark red hair behind her ear, then leans forward to kiss him again, this time longer, more passionate. Her golden-brown eyes close. When they do his green eyes change, no longer filled with love, but he is revealed for what he really is. A snake fooling a girl, to get her innocence, she pulls back to look at him, and his eyes change to the loving boyfriend. He leans across more to whisper in her ear, "Wanna come over to my house?" 

"Derek, we talked about this. I said I was being abstinent. You said you would respect my decision." She said with no hint of wavering. 

"Emma, you have said that EVERYTIME! I am a guy, and I have needs! If you can't fill those needs, then we are done! PERIOD!" He shouted at her. She looked so sad. 

"I thought you loved me..." She cried softly. He laughed. 

"You thought I loved you, wow, you are so dumb. Who would WANT to love you? The only thing guys could want a girl like you for is your body. Sadly I didn't get that this time. I mean you are a handful, with your emotions running wild. Just like all girls. That's it, we are officially over." He stated harshly. 

"WAIT!!" She cried as he walked to his car, and drove away. She fell to the ground and sobbed. Making her makeup run as her body shook back and forth. She was there for 20 minutes. Her sobs never quieted. All of a sudden a boy came out of the woods, his black hair wind-blown. His brown eyes widened as he took her in. And, unknown to her, his heart started to beat faster. 

"Are you OK?" He asked.


I was shocked back to the weird meadow just like that. Oh my...what was that? More importantly who was that? I looked down at my hand, the fruit slowly disappeared. I want to leave this place! The weird things going on here are enough to freak anyone out. I started running, but just as I was about 5 feet from the edge of the meadow, my runs started to slow. My whole body went into slow motion. Then...I stopped. Frozen for an instance before I was lifted to quickly to see, I was lifted, lifted, until-"GET OUT!"

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