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Pen Your Pride

~A Nice Run~

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***Chapter 3: A Nice Run***

*Serenity's POV*

I woke up groggily to a warm body wrapped around me, I turned to see a sleeping Jace glued to me. The idiot sneaked in.

He was pretty cute as he slept. He looked serene and angelic. His golden eyelashes casted shadows on his cheek, his lips slightly opened and his hair was a sunny mess.

But of course, like any usual guy he drooled like an effin' bulldog. My face scrunched up in disgust at the slobbered pillow and I moved away from him to get ready for the day.

When I wad done I saw that Jace was out of bed as well and I went to the kitchen.

"No. No. No. You got it wrong. Cocoa Krispies were first." Jace argued, still half naked and his hair in a disarray, with cereal on him; I don't even wanna know what happened.

"No, the Flintstones were first and they made Cocoa Pebbles with rock tools." Kane retorted, he on the other hand was well groomed; however he most likely suffocated all his brain cells with his Axe cologne.

I leaned against the wall and raised an eyebrow," You know although Jace is right and Kane's argument is retarded, I would believe Kane; Jace, you look like a psycho right now." I said in amusement.

Jace's jaw dropped and he shook out the cereal from his hair." Serenity! You can't judge a book by it's cover." He argued.

"Yeah but it's practically human nature to judge people on their appearance." I shrugged carelessly while Kane smirked.

"The truth has been spoken." Kane announced.

"Kane tried to suffocate Jace with cereal." Akira declared emotionessly, suddenly from his seat by the window. I sighed, oh my shiznit; it's the first full day and we already have attempted murder.

"You damn tattle tale!" Kane huffed.

"Serenity I was almost killed!" Jace finally revealed as though it was brand new news.

"I almost witnessed a murder." Akira added in a offhand manner.

"Well I witnessed the death of my own brain cells by being around you idiots." I scoffed. Suddenly there was applauding and I looked around in utter confusion. Then Rick appeared with a woman beside him; she was dressed in casual clothes and smiled brightly at us.

"From what we got, I'm sure this show will be etertaining, already have fights. Well done." Rick commented; I feel like my dignity is vanishing with this show.

"That hardly can be considered a fight, it's more like two idiots trying to discuss what they think is politics." I argued.

"Well cereal is important. Breakfast is in fact the most important meal of the day." Jace announced proudly; I raised an eyebrow at him, but laughed on the inside. It really never gets boring with him.

There was a feminine chuckle beside me and I turned to see the woman before with long brunette hair and a professional aura around her.

"Hello, i'm Dianna Foster I'm going to handle legal matters for this show. I just wanted to come by and say hi." She greeted, we introduced ourselves; however she was quite hesitant to associate with Jace. I swear I have one of the dumbest boyfriends ever, but also the sweetest.

"So for today you guys are signing contracts." Rick announced excitedly.

"I want my lawyer." I responded casually.

"Why? You're not being scammed and you don't have one." Rick retorted and I huffed; I needa get a lawyer so I can say that I have one with dignity.

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