Finally I can do what ever I want today. I have my interview tomorrow with Top of The Pops. On Sunday Rachel and I have to finish off recording Believe.

I've planned to take a trip down town to do a little shopping and maybe have my nails done. I quickly gave myself the one over ... ... with being a 'celebrity' everyone is like watching your everymoves so you have to be careful about the way you look because you could be plastered about the way you look across every magazine and be slagged off to the public about almost everything.

As soon as I walked into the shopping centre I was recognised by many people.

"Hey, isn't that Phoebe?" someone said.

"OMG! It's Phoebe!" someone else cried.

I smiled and waved at everyone who shouted over at me. I just wanted one day, just one single day where nobody came up to me and asked for an autograph. I've only just been recognised as a celebrity for about three weeks now and everyone 'adores' me.

I spent several hours shopping and when I finally decided it was time to head back home and relax I was bomarded by young girls and boys and a few teenagers.

"Hello everyone." I said.

"Hi, Phoebe... can I have your autograph?" a teenage girl asked.

"I like your t-shirt." I told her as I signed her notebook.

"Thanks." she said, nervously.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just having a little bullying at the moment and it won't stop."

At the bottom of my autograph I was about to write stay strong.

"What's your name sweetheart?" I asked her.


"To Molly, stay strong. Forever and Always. Love Phoebexx" I read outloud as I wrote it. "Here you go." I said handing back her notebook and pen.

"Thank you so much." Molly said.

"My pleasure."

I signed many more autographs, I signed everyones books and even the back of someones phone. Before I could break free and return home.

When I got home I kicked off my shoes and put down my bags. I jumped onto the sofa before turning on the TV.

Around an hour later my phone started to vibrate on the kitchen bench as I was making my dinner.

"Phoebe? It's Rachel." she almost shouted.

"Rachel, what's wrong?"

"Your interview is at ten tomorrow morning and Mike has shortened it to Sunday!"

"Sunday! Are we going to be done by then?" I asked.

"Most likely but I am stressing out! Maybe we should get more hours in at the studio from now on and get as many songs done as fast as possible... they still have to be extremely perfect or Mike won't be very happy at all."

"Rachel! Calm down. We will do everything in our power to get things done quickly. How about Bullet In My Heart? Does that sound okay?"

"Yeah, I'll see what I can do. Looks like tonight will be a late one for myself. Get some beauty sleep, you'll have to wake up early if you want to be at the interview on time."

"Okay. But don't stay up too long. How long are we at the studio for tomorrow?"

"Three hours... that might get the lyrics done. I have sorted out the music... almost. It won't take long to do the lyrics on top."

"Okay. So what are you stressing about? We are on target."

"Mike is just so demanding it is worrying."

"Listen, don't worry about Mike. We will have it finished on time and he will be a happy bunny. I know you have the hard task and I will try my hardest to help."

"You don't have to help I have it all under conrtol now I don't have a book to finish... it's being published!"

"Oh! Rachel! That's amazing!"

"I know! Right I have to go! Don't forget... early to bed!"

"I won't. Bye."

"Bye." Rachel hung up.

I logged onto twitter while I ate my chicken curry.

@Phoebe_No1 - Had a great time meeting you today @Moo-ly_1D

@Moo-ly_1D - My pleasure, I had a great time meeting you too! :)x

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