What You Need ~ Part 2 {Bambam FF}

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"Just give the boy a chance," you hear a comment from the line and Bambam turns around and smirks

One thing you hate the most was being put in the spot in public. You hate being noticed, that's why you wore baggy clothes and stayed independent to yourself. More people began to go on Bambam's side and tell you to agree with him. You finally gave in.

"Fine. I get out at 6." You mumbled annoyed, he smiles, grabs his bag and leaves the store.

You only did this because you were pressured to agree... This wasn't voluntarily, this was more forced if anything.


Your shift was finally over!

"Thanks Y/N see you tomorrow?" Kevin asks as he takes your place at the register.

"Yes," you responded and gave him one last wave before you made your exit out of the store.

As soon as you were outside, there you see Bambam sitting on his car looking right at you with a smile. Damn.. You were hoping he would have forgotten. You were hoping that Bambam was joking when he asked you... But guess not.

"Free at last," Bambam comments and you just looked at him.

"Do we have to hang out today?" You asked and you were about to walk away but Bambam got off of his car and ran over your direction and stood right in front of you.

"You agreed already, can't take it back now."

You sighed and he smiles as you walked over to his car. Could you make a run for it? You watched Bambam get in his car and you were debating if you should run now.. But the more you thought to yourself, the more you realized... he would still have an advantage to catch up to you since after all.. He does drives.. You got in his car anyways and you looked at Bambam.

"Can you please explain why you wanted to hang out with me?" You asked crossing your arms waiting for his actual answer, but instead he tells you an excuse.

"I need a new group of friends," And there goes Bambam with that bullshit.

"Bullshit." You hissed and Bambam was quick to defend himself.

"It's true. It's gets boring constantly hanging out with the same people all the time."

"Constantly trying to reach their high expectations." You commented and Bambam looks at you and nods.

"Exaclty," Bambam agrees and you nodded. Not that you believed Bambam, you just knew what Bambam meant.

"Right, so you thought hm maybe I should choose someone who must have low expectation and be friends with them right?"

"No th- ugh why are you so complicated." Bambam asks frustrated and you just looked out the window.

"Look I'm not going to force you to hang out with me if you don't want to. But I'm not all that bad okay."

You looked at him and just decided why not. All you were going to do at home was just read when you got home. You still had no clue what Bambam's intentions were, but you were just going to go with the flow.

"Fine. Let's go," You said looking forward and at last Bambam began to drive.


"Mind telling me where we're going?" You asked Bambam as he continued to drive. And at last Bambam told you where he was taking you.

"I'm in the mood for some frozen yogurt... You do like yogurt right?" Bambam asks you and you nodded.

"Yeah sure,"

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