What You Need ~ Part 2 {Bambam FF}

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"You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time"

Summary: It's all fun and games until someone's feeling get's involved. Bambam known as the coolest kid in school made a bet to make the most unattractive girl into the it girl, the new popular girl. Will it happen? Will he succeed? Will she find out? Will feelings be developed between them too?

Swearing Involved


I walked in the covent store and looked around. Jinyoung's stupid plan. I looked around and grabbed random snacks, snacks that I probably weren't even going to eat. I glanced at the register and find Y/N reading a book. I look like a stalker here trying to get her to agree to hang out with me. I swallowed my pride and walked my way to the register. I set down the items in front of Y/N and as soon as she closes her books she looks down at the item. Does she not see me standing right in front of her?

"Hello, wel-" before she could continue she looked up at me and she looked annoyed.

"What are you doing here?"


Your Point of View

"I was around the neighborhood and decided to stop by and buy snacks," Bambam says looking directly at you and you rolled your eyes.

That was pure bullshit. You've been working in this store at least for 1 year now and you haven't seen Bambam in this store the whole time you were here. There was just something fishy about this boy, you couldn't seem to wrap your finger around it. What did Bambam want from you?

"I'm sure," you responded sarcastically and began to put Bambam's item in a bag. You were expecting Bambam to remain silent but the opposite of that happened.

"Why do you hate me so much?" Bambam questions you, making you burst out laughing. Ah this boy just need to stop the crap on whatever he's doing and give up already.

"I don't, it's just boys like you don't usually talk to girls like me. Plus on top of that you never came to this store before so this is all so strange to me," You commented as you looked at the register.

Before he could say another word you interrupted him by telling him the total price to his snacks.. He paid for the snacks and then stood there staring right at you. Aish can't this boy just leave you alone.

"Have a nice day," You said hoping he would leave but instead he continues to just stand there.

"What time do you get out of work?"


"So we can hang out,"


"Why what?"

"Why do you want to hang out with me? What's in it for you?" You asked confused and he laughs. "Here I am trying to make new friends and your questioning my request?" He says making you roll your eyes. He really said make new friends, has he gone nuts? Couldn't he become friends with me at school? Like boy!

"Bambam seriously, what's up? What do you need?"

"Just agree to hang out with me." Bambam says trying to convince you and you sighed.

You looked behind Bambam and see a line starting to develop behind Bambam. Bambam was really going to get you fired if he made the customers wait any damn longer.

"Okay have a nice day, next." You said and he continued to just stand there.

"Nope not until you tell me what time you get out," Bambam says crossing his arms and you were getting annoyed. Not only were you getting annoyed, but so were the customers behind him.

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