Chapter 31~

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Chapter 31 



Laughing I shove Theo off the couch. “Shut up before I break you!” I get out between snorts.

For the past three hours I’ve enjoyed my family, including Theo’s warm laughter. It would have been like old times if Nikolai was with us, but with how things were before my coma, I wasn’t willing to chance angering Caden.

“I can’t help it. Every time we utter that boys name you become all flustered as if you did the naughty with him.” Laughing he rolls around on the floor.

“Mom!” I whine. Stupid Theo won’t stop teasing me. “Make him stop.” Grumbling I strike my foot out to kick him in the gut. Before contact he rolls out of the way. I hate how his reflexes have improved to where I miss each time I try to attack him.

Laughing my mother holds her hands up in surrender. “I’m not getting between the two of you. We all remember the last time I did that. Do you want a reminder?” Shaking her head she leans against dad with a wide smile on her face.

The one and only time she put herself in between Theo and I, we ended up disagreeing with her and ignoring each other because of it for nearly two weeks. My father had to sit us down and stare us down until we became uncomfortable and started to whisper to each other how freaked out we were. Leaving our room, we were best of friends once more, completely forgetting the actual reason we were mad at each other to begin with.

For the first time we were all able to sit on our own couch in front of a gigantic television screen. It had to be over one hundred inches long. We all felt as if we were at the movie theatre. It didn’t help that moments after Theo and Taylor entered the room that six servants brought in an actual popcorn maker, candies and a cooler full of soft drinks.

Caden made not only my first date special, but my night with my family perfect. We haven’t laughed and had this good of a time in who knows how long. With being servants, we were always working. Now I feel as if life has slowed down.

Maybe we will have peace for a bit and I can become accustomed to Caden’s way of living. Having food at my beck and call, my bedroom cleaned by someone else’s hands and free time to sit and relax isn’t normal.

I wonder if we will have more nights like these. Will Caden allow me to hang outside his room more often? I know he was scared because of the first attempt and after nearly dying who knows how he will react tomorrow.

“Be right back, I’m going to head to my room for a change of clothes.” Looking up, I notice Theo had spilled soda all down his shirt.

Had I been daydreaming that long that I missed him spilling it? Shrugging I bring my attention back to my brother.

“Are you going to tell us how your first date went?” Blushing I watch my mother giggle as she slides onto the couch next to me. “My baby girl is growing up. I can remember when you were in diapers and learning to walk and now look at you.” Sobbing she grabs me into a warm motherly embrace.

“You know I’ll always be your baby girl, don’t you?” Smiling I hold my mother. We may have disagreed on my way of hiding from Caden in the past, but she never once looked down on or made me feel guilty and I loved her so much more because of it.

“Yes, I know.” Pulling back I swipe the lone tear that dared to escape.

Leaning against her shoulder, I glance around at the small family. “Hey dad?” Details of that dreadful afternoon three weeks ago entered my mind.

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