the three of us Me Mirage and Synthia was in the park and I watched the two of them play in the playground it was funny I guess when you see Mirage play in the playground she cant even fit in the swing but still she tries to fit her butt in the swing and even tried to slide but she was stopped halfway there. i laughed at her face and even synthia laughed too but she kept a pout on her face and keeps playing. but then I noticed other children playing on the playground

Sometimes when I see children playing on the park it made me forget and be happy because my biggest weakness are them, you cant resist their sincere and innocent smiles, you can never feel lonely with them. it was a dream of mine to have children if I ever survived the disease when I still havent met Trace yet back then I was the stupid hoping cancer patient that I was.

I was ten at that time when I met him, he was just like any other guy you'll see out in the open, he didnt even looked like he was sick, he was even in better condition than I was...

I slowly took out the needle in the back of my hand and silently slide down the bed, I smiled when there were no nurses on the hallways, Mirage was getting surgery and Synthia was out with her mother they were in a one week Vacation trip to California so I was left alone in the hospital with the Nurses and Doctors. 

their was a playroom where kids go but with the super vision of the nurses assigned to them, My Nurse was Nurse Sasha she's young and fresh from College but she's so overprotective she could have been a mother but she has her coffee breaks. I wasnt going to the playroom or I'll get caught but I want to go to the Hospitals elderly place where I can see my Old friends but then again I need to pass the playroom but it has a large window to see who was passing on the outside so I chose the long way that is less dangerous as long as you know your way around.

going down the stairs not wanting to use the elevator since their was a camera I made my way down stairs and to the ground floor, I just need to pass the reception area and use the other stairs to go up because above the Reception Area was the Playroom by passing that I could go to the Elderly on the second floor who is always in the Bingo room 

successfully sneaking pass the Reception area I climbed the stairs and to the Bingo room. Entering the room Isee Grandpa Max on his wheel chair playing Bingo his bald head with hair on the side that was still growing was in a mess, he had frown marks and a grumpy look. I smiled and skipped to him and I saw a Kid across him with dirty blond hair and hazel eyes it immediately pulled me to him especially those beautiful eyes. 

"hello Iona" Grandpa Max greeted chuckling while marking his cards "BINGO!" 

I stared at the kid while greeting Grandpa Max back and then I felt someone tap me on the shoulder and I turn my head to see Grandpa Max smirking. 

"Come on dont just stad there sit here Beside Trace My grandson" he said patting the chair beside Trace on the circular table. 

I obeyed and stared at the quiet kid beside me "Never heard you had a grandson Grandpa Max" 

"well I never heard a young lady like you that loves to sneak out of her room while her hand is bleeding" He motions to the back of my hand that I forgot to put pressure to stop the bleeding 

"Oh right" I said while I pressed my finger to the hole "So your name is Trace?"

the kid looked pale and he looked the quiet yet reserved type "Yeah and you're Iona?"

I nodded "Yup nice to meet you Trace hope we become good friends" 

he made a small smile "I hope so too" 

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