5. Going back to 505

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Flo's P.O.V

The excitement of the night's events 16 days ago had since past and once again I was back to life as I knew it : sat on the sofa, watching rubbish tele, eating the entire contents of my fridge.

Surprising, my phone vibrated vigorously against my leg, reaching into my pocket, I checked my phone

*Hello Gorgeous;)*

As I read the text my mood immediately dropped. A guy from my work, josh, had been texting me for quite some time now. I had no interest in him at all, yet he continued to persevere. Although he wasn't bad looking; dark brown hair styled into a barnet, tall and well-built with incredibly captivating hazel eyes, It was still a challenge to talk to him. He was boring, well so I thought, although many of the girls that stumbled up to him at the bar didn't seem to think so. Personally, I thought he was lacking character. Some much so I was beginning to believe that the devil has ripped his soul out of his body and left him.. Left him wondering the Earth with a handsome shell that contained nothing intriguing within. That's how I liked to think of men, like snails. A weird analogy but effective never the less.

I didn't bother to text him back so I chucked my phone on the empty seat beside me and continued to munch on a bag of pretzels I found at the back of the cupboard, as I wasted my day off.


A few hours later I awoke from a light sleep I had drifted into unknowingly, my phone was ringing. "Popular today Flo" I said to myself as I grabbed my phone to see who was calling, "ugh, work... This can't be good" I thought to myself as answered it..

"Flo, we're down on staff for tonight as Andy has called in sick"

The droning voice of my manager was so boring.

"Any chance you could come in? Extra pay, of course"

The question was clearly rhetorical as even my manager knew that I had nothing better to do with my life besides stay at Home. I didn't want to very much but the extra pay sweetened it up and I agreed to doing the 9pm-3am shift that my co-worker couldn't.


I arrived at the club and greeted my fellow bar tenders before starting my 6 hour shift. I knew I was in for the long run tonight, I just had to remember I was getting paid for this.


"11pm" I sighed, only a couple of hours in and I was already bored out of my mind. For a Saturday night it was pretty dull. Usually there would have been a few fights of arguments on the floor by now, but nothing. As I began to complete an order of cocktails for a group of girls, I felt someone brush their hand along my lower back. It made me jump slightly and I nervously turned my head to see who on earth it could be.


Josh smiled as he leaned on the bar,next to me.

I sighed and returned my concentration onto the cocktails I was making.

"Alright?" I asked, politely making conversation, despite the fact it was the last thing I wanted to do right now.

"Yes, very well thanks!"

He responded quite enthusiastically and leaned in closer to me.

He began to tell me a story about his day. Not at all interested, I allowed my gaze to fall over my surroundings as I pretended to listen to his tedious tale. Humming and nodding in recognition of his words, my eyes searched the club for something to save me from him. It was difficult to focus on anything amongst the mix of clubbers on the floor, the blinding strobe lights were in no means assisting me either. Despite this, I managed to focus on a man walking towards me, a potential customer.

"Oh, hold on, customer" I said to josh, smiling I'm relief as he stopped talking.

As the clubber got closer to the bar, struggling to get through the crush of people, I thought I recognised him. However convinced I was that the lights were altering my vision, I couldn't help but give in to undenying fact that I knew who this man was.

His dark clothing and slim figure were making him blend into the background but his distinguishing features could not escape my eyes. He swaggered up to the bar I was working with a look of utter relief and content plastered across his face, my eyes widened in disbelief and I felt my heart skip a beat as 4 letters escaped my whimpering lips to create a name I longed to say once more


He glared at josh for longer than deemed socially acceptable which forced josh to feel uncomfortable and he took a few steps away from me.

He redirected his glance back upon me and I remembered how he made me feel that one time. It sent a shiver down my back and i felt a lump in my throat as I tried to collect myself. He was so incredibly good looking, and he knew it. I wished to feel his body pushed up against mine and to run my fingers through his hair, ruining his quiff as I would make it my own.

Then it all came back to me. No call, no text, and then that girl in the paper... I was supposed to be mad at him, not melting inside like a fan girl desperate for his attention.... I just couldn't help myself.

He outstretched a welcoming hand

"Flo, come with me"


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