He's my boyfriend now. (Thaurens)

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Thomas and James were having lunch on the right of the cafeteria. "Come on James hold her just once!" Thomas complained. "I'm not holding a scaly worm!" James yelled at his best friend. Thomas angrily crossed his arms. "Liberté is a chameleon. She has feelings." Thomas said as he pushed his glasses up. He had forgotten his contact lenses.

"I'm not holding that thing." James said as he ate his sandwich. On the other side of the cafeteria Alexander and John were having a similar conversation. "No. I'm not holding your turtle." Alexander said as John groaned. John reached down and pulled out his Turtle Shelly. Alexander backed up. "Nooooooooo." Alexander said and then James ran behind Alexander. "I hate you but my best friend owns a reptile." James said as Thomas walked to them with a chameleon on his shoulders. She changed colors to match Thomas's hurt.

"Hey cool turtle." Thomas said smiling at John. "Nice Chameleon." John said. "Can I hold him?" Thomas asked and John gave Thomas the turtle. Thomas gave John his Chameleon. Alexander and James looked at each other confused. "So your into animals too?" Thomas asked. John nodded. "I am. I see you are too." John said as Thomas nodded. "I'm getting Shelly a new tank. Wanna come?" John asked. Thomas nodded and they both ran off with their pets.

"Did your best friend just steal my best friend?" Alexander asked. "I do think so yea."

For the past weeks Thomas and John were spending more time with each other then their best friends. In 6th period James was glaring at John who was writing down notes. It was US history. The only class James and John had that wasn't with Thomas.


"That's it for today." Washington said as all students packed their belongings. James walked to John and tripped him. Everyone 'ooo'ed as Washington watched. He would stop it but he wanted to see how this went. "What was that for?!" John yelled as he stood up. "For stealing my best friend!" James yelled back. "I didn't steal your best friend!" John yelled as he picked up his books. "Thomas is my best friend not yours!" James said picking John up by his shirt. "Wait. Thomas is your best friend? Then why do you ignore him because and I quote 'he's Weird and helpless.'" John said with smirk.

"Okay boys break it up!" Washington said finally deciding that they should stop. "To the principles office."

Both exited the classroom about to go to the office till Alexander and Thomas stopped them. "Hey guys." Thomas said to his friends. "Where are you going? The exit is the opposite way." Alexander added. "We have to go to the principals office we got into a little argument." James said as Thomas looked at them concerned.

"John stay away from that psycho." Alexander said pulling John from the two friends. James did the same to Thomas. Thomas and John pushed their friends away. "Your acing like toddlers." Thomas said. "Plus John is pretty cool." Thomas added.

John smiled and pulled Thomas to his level since the dark skinned man was taller then him. John passionately kissed Thomas and everyone around stopped and looked at them. The best part was that Thomas kissed back. "He's my boyfriend now." John said after he pulled away. "B-But Thomas hasn't agreed!" Alexander protested. "Thomas?" John asked looking at the blushing teen.

"Are you my boyfriend now?" John asked and Thomas immediately nodded. "See. My boyfriend. And we are going to hang out while you two talk it out." John said pulling Thomas away. Thomas absolutely did not mind.

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