Mikey x reader ~Seven Minutes In Heaven~

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  "Come over my direction." You glided around your room. "Despacito." Now you started swaying your hips to the beat with your phone in your hand. "Ummm...(Y/N)?" You paused your music and slowly turned around to spot April, Raph, Donnie, and Mikey trying so hard not to laugh. "What? Jealous you can't dance like that?" Being the cocky and playful person that you are, of course you would say that,"Umm, no, we wanted to ask if you wanted to come and play a game with us?" Leo asked. "Sure, why not." You put your phone on you nightstand and followed everyone out to the dojo. Everyone sat in a circle, "So what are we doing?" Raph crossed his arms over his chest, showing an annoyed expression on his face. "7 Minutes in Heaven!" Mikey shouted out of nowhere. "This is going to be fun." You rubbed your hands together doing an evil expression. "Ok then." Raph smirked evilly and looked at you and Mikey. You raised an eyebrow and looked at Mikey, he just shook his head and shrugged. "We have to choose two people to-" Raph interrupted April, "I vote (Y/N) and Mikey." Everyone except you two looked at each other and agreed. "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Mikey, for once, rejected doing something fun. "Aww, Mikey, come on! May we remind you, it was your idea." You didn't want to turn this over, you've had a crush on the cute freckled ninja for a while. "Ok, it better not hurt!" Everyone rolled their eyes, "No Mikey, it won't hurt, that's why it's called 7 minutes in HEAVEN!" "Now get into the darn closet!" Leo and Raph pushed both of you into the closet, which was pitch dark, besides the crack of light from under the door. "Hey, (Y/N)?" Out of all the years that you have hung out with Mikey, he has only said your name once or twice but only when he was nervous. "Yes Mikey?" You could feel warmth near you. "Can I... try something?" You were anxious to find out what he was talking about. "O-Ok." You felt his hands move down your sides onto your hips. "I've liked you for a while now." Your face turned red, "When d-did this happen e-exactly?" He pulled you closer so your chest and his were touching. "Since we met, you stole my heart (Y/N)." This had to be a dream, you only DREAMED of Mikey liking you. Just by the way he treated April, you never thought it was possible for him to like you. "B-But I thought y-you liked April?" You started to back away, tears started to form in your eyes. "Five minutes guys!" Mikey felt you start to hesitate and walk back but he kept on walking forward until you were trapped between him and the door. "What, no, (Y/N), April is just my friend." He stroked your cheek, and moved some hair out of your face, "I only love you and only you." You smiled and leaned in, your lips connected with Mikey's. It started out slow and gentle but it grew more passionate. He pressed his body against you, putting one hand on the wall for balance and the other on your hip, squeezing it. You had to pull apart for air, "I love you *pant* so much." He leaned his forehead against yours and smiled. "Time's up! Ooooh look at you two, SO CUTE!" You saw a flash go off and someone wolf whistle. "Gah, April!" You hid your face in Mikey's chest. "Damn baby bro, I never knew you actually had it in you." Raph smirked and crossed his arms over his chest. "Ya, me neither!" Everyone else just laughed. Mikey looked at you and gave you that adorable smile of his.

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