Donnie x reader ~Seven Minutes In Heaven~

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  You were in the kitchen helping April on a homemade pizza. "This smells so good!" You licked your lips already savoring the smell. "I know, but don't worry it's almost ready." You pushed up your glasses and read the final ingredients that you needed. Pepperoni? Check. Cheese? Check. Tomato sauce? Check. And last but not least. Jellybeans? Check. "Really, jellybeans?" April looked disgusted as you sprinkled some onto the pizza. You threw one into your mouth, "It's going to be good, trust me!" You stuffed it into the oven. "Now to wait." "Guys!" Mikey popped out of nowhere, out of breath. "Mikey? What's wrong?" "Is Raph chasing you again? Because if he is I swear I'm going to rip his shell off!" April really doesn't like anybody messing with her boyfriend, especially Raphael. "Aww, angle-cakes, thanks for sticking up for me but no he isn't, I came to ask if you wanted to play 7 Minutes in Heaven with us?" (Y/N) and April looked at each other and nodded. "Sure, but you two ain't going to play, I want this relationship to stay strong!" You glared at them playfully. "Of course we aren't, right baby?" Mikey hugged April from behind and kissed her cheek making her giggle. "Of course." you just, awwwed. "Ok, lets go." You went into the living room and saw Leo, Raph, and Donnie sitting on the floor. "So how are we gonna do this?" Raph asked with an annoyed tone, as always. "Lets take a vote!" Mikey blurted out, April's face lit up and she whispered something to Mikey. You got a shiver go down your spine, April knew your crush on the purple clad turtle. Mikey's face turned into an evil smirk. You gulped and started to sweat. "How about Donnie and (Y/N)." Your eyes widened, Curse you April! You mentally yelled at her. "W-What?" Was all that came out of Donnie's mouth. His face was red which is pretty sure it put Raph's mask to shame. "Come on you two, into the closet." Leo shooed you and Donnie into the closet. CLICK! "H-Hey (Y/N)?" You could sense the akwardness between you. "Y-Yeah?" You heard shuffling in front of you so you started to back up to the wall. "Can I ask you something really important?" A large hand was placed on your cheek. "S-Sure." He brushed some of your loose baby hairs out of your face. "Do you like me?" Your eyes started to get watery, being that sensitive because of your past. "M-Mabye." His cheeks turned a light pink color. "So that means I can do this?" "Huh?" Soft lips were placed on yours. You blinked away your tears and kissed back, you wrapped your arms around his neck bringing him closer. He pulled away and removed your glasses looking into your beautiful (E/C) orbs. "3 more minutes guys!" Donnie groaned in annoyance. "Just ignore them." You pulled him in and kissed him again, this time deeper. He put his hands on your hips and pulled you closer. Both of you fought for dominance, Donnie smirked into the kiss and bit your lip causing you to let out a soft moan. The door slammed open revealing a red faced April, Leo, Raph, and even Mikey. "Ok! That's enough! I don't want little Donnie and (Y/N)s running around here!" April pulled both you out of the closet. "Heh, she means not yet." Mikey smirked. "I swear Michaelangelo I'm going to kick your shell!" You started to chase Mikey while he started to scream away in terror. "DONNIE?!" "Nah nah, I ain't helping you, you started it so deal with it." Donnie crossed his arms over his chest. "APRIL!" She did the same thing and shook her head, "Nope!" "Aww, come on angel-cakes, not you too, I thought you said you didn't like anyone chasing me!" "I said I don't like Raphael chasing you, I never said (Y/N)." Everybody started laughing, you just kept on chasing Mikey around the lair. "(Y/N) WE FORGOT ABOUT THE PIZZA!?!" "Aww, crap!"  

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