Leo x reader ~Seven Minutes In Heaven~

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"Hey guys!" April shouted from the entrance of the lair. "Hey angel-cakes!" Mikey ran up to her and embraced her in a bear hug. "Hey, April, you got something for use to do? I'm bored." You threw yourself onto the couch not realizing that you landed on top of Raph. "Hey! (Y/N)!!" He got up so quickly you ended up flying across the living room. Almost making contact with the brick wall until someone threw them self and caught you. "Oof!" You heard the person say. You both hit the wall then fell down on the floor, their arms didn't leave your torso. "Well that was weird, anyway, we can play 7 Minutes in Heaven?" You were let go and stood up, "Sure!" You looked behind you and saw Leo dusting himself off. "Thanks for catching me Leo." He blushed and rubbed the back of his neck. "D-Don't mention it." "It's pretty obvious these two are going first!" Raph grabbed you and Leo and shoved you into the closet. "R-RAPH!" To late. The door was already locked from the outside. "Sorry about that (Y/N)." You smiled and walked closer towards Leo, "It's ok, now that we're alone." You've always been a dare devil, so flirting with your crush was your specialty. You dragged your finger across his chest. "What do you want to do?" Leo literally shivered under your touch. "U-Uhh... I-I don't know w-w-what do y-you w-wanna do?" You grabbed the tails of his mask, smashing your lips against his. Not knowing that it was his first kiss you made the kiss deeper. He started to back up but you wouldn't break the kiss so you walked forward. Backing him up to the wall you jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist while he supported you by holding onto your thighs. "Time's u- DAMN...." Mikey was covering his eyes, Raph was gagging, Donnie was also trying not to puke. You and Leo were still deep into your make out session, you didn't even notice that April already had opened the door. "Ummm...GUYS!" You two separated, red from the lack of oxygen and looked at April. Leo turned really red that he started bleeding from his nose. "Donnie, quit standing there and get him a tissue!" Donnie rushed out of the room and went to go find a napkin while you, still embarrassed, and April helped Leo. "Looks like you guys had fun." She wiggled her eyebrows, "SHUT UP!" You let go of Leo and chased April around the lair. "Awww, come on (Y/N), admit it!" "APRIL!?!"

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