Raph x reader ~Seven Minutes In Heaven~

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April came out of her room with a hat. You and the turtles were in the living room watching The Hunger Games Series. "Hey guys, lets play a game!" You looked over the couch, "Sure, what do you have in mind?" April put the hat out in front of her, "We're going to play 7 Minutes in Heaven!" You shook your head, "Oh hell no!" "Come on (Y/N) don't ruin it!" Mikey gave you his signature puppy dog eyes and of course you could't say no to that. "Ugh, fine!" "Great, everyone except (Y/N) put your masks into the hat." All the turtles did as they were told and put their masks into the hat. April put her hand over the hat and shook it, trying to mix the masks around. "Ok (Y/N), choose." You could hear how excited she was just by the tone of her voice. You put your hand into the hat and closed your eyes shut when you pulled it back out. You heard Leo and Mikey go "OOOOO!" in a teasing tone. Your heart started pounding when you opened your eyes and realized you were holding Raph's mask. You looked over at the emerald color eyed turtle, his cheeks were tinted red. "Ok you two get into the closet!" April and Leo shoved both of you into the pitch black closet and locked it. "R-Raph?" Your heart was beating so hard in your chest you could hear it. "Yea?" "Here's y-your mask." You stretched out your hand to give it to him but it fell. You bent down to grab it but being the clumsy person you are, you fell and grabbed the first thing you felt, which was Raph's belt. You fell hard on your back, with some more weight on your chest and stomach. "R-Raph, I-I'm so sor-" "It's ok." His face was so close to yours you could feel his breath on your neck. "(Y/N) I know we're in a weird position right now but I can't hold it in anymore." He started to lean in closer. "Three more minutes!" "Raph what are-?" Soft lips crashed against yours. Your eyes widened in shock, but not being able to resist you kissed back. Raph lifted you off the floor and pinned you against the wall with your legs wrapped around his waist. He licked your bottom lip , asking for entrance, which you evilly denied. This made him growl and squeeze your butt, masking you gasp. He took the opportunity and explored your wet cavern. You both separated for air. "I've been waiting so long for that." He put you back down onto your feet. "Desperate, were we?" You raised and eyebrow and smirked. "Shut up!" He blushed and put his mask back on. The door opened and April, Leo, Donnie, and Mikey looked at you. "So, how was it?" Mikey wiggled his eye ridges, Raph smacked him on the head. "What, HEY! What the heck was that for!?!" Raph grabbed your arm and dragged you to his room. "OOO, they gonna do the nasty!" Donnie smacked him again. "And then you complain why you get hit." Mikey just glared at Donnie and rubbed his head.

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