Never Thought It Could Be Me And You (A JaLec FanFic:)

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" Love wasn't part of the plan. But then it came along and I can't do anything to stop myself from falling for him." 


" I can't stand a day without her. Why does it feel like she's the only air that keeps me breathing? If only I can tell her how much she means to me. If only."

                                                                                  - Alec

        Jai Agpangan together with her twin sister transferred to Chang Kai Shek when they were high school freshmen. There she meets Chinese cutie Alec Dungo who was then a sophomore student who became her bestfriend. What will happen if one day she wakes up with an unfamiliar feeling towards her buddy? Will she put it aside and ignore it or will she accept the fact that she's in love with him?

        Alec Dungo is your typical Chinese guy. Gwapo, chinito, intelligent and most of all, very responsible at his young age. In Chang Kai Shek, he's known as Jai's best bud. Evreryone thinks that they're couples but the truth is, they're just bestfriends. But then, life is full of surprises because in his last year in Chang, he found out that he's been supressing his feeling for his best GIRL-friend, JAI:D



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