The End

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            They’re coming. They’ll be here soon. I’ve seen them. They let me live for one purpose only. To warn everyone. They said it was the beginning of the end and it was to start with my little town. My body shakes with fear as I run. Who was I going to tell? The police? What could they possibly do to stop them? I’ve seen what they can do. The four of them together, they really are the end. They will destroy us all.

            Tears run down my eyes as I see little children laughing and playing on the street. Their lives would soon end, just like my own. The torture is unbearable, to know what was coming before it actually came. What I had witnessed. It was horrible. They made me watch as they gave me ‘a show’, as they called it, of what they could do. Then they showed me the future. Death was the only thing that thrived. Disease ran like wildfire throughout the land. Famine carried no bias against the rich or the poor, for it affected them all. And War piled the bodies of those who managed to survive all the rest.

            It was terrible. I feel sick to my stomach as bile sloshes around in my belly. I’m ready to drop to my knees. But I have to warn everyone in my small little town. I run into the police station. I get everyone’s attention instantly as I toss the doors open as if I were in some movie. But I’m not in a movie. This was life. This was real.

            “What’s going on?” asks the chief of police. He is tall with greying hair and wrinkles covering his face. As the mayor’s daughter, he attended my birthday. He knows me well, since I was a little girl. All I can do is hope he believes me.

            “They’re coming!” I cry as I run to him. I look in to his eyes so he can see the seriousness there, the fear and tears. I grab his arm, so he can feel my shaking. I need him to see all of this. I need him to understand, believe.

            “Who’s coming?” he pursued, concern filling his pale blue eyes, wrinkles deepening on his forehead.

            Eyes from all around, cops and criminals alike, are on me, staring and waiting for me to spill my horrid tale. But how could I say it without sounding crazy? I couldn’t. there was no way to do it.

            “The four horsemen,” I whisper, my breath catching in my chest as hot tears continue down my cheeks. “The apocalypse.”

            As the words leave my lips, I hear them. The pounding of the hooves, the neighs of the horses. No one had time to react to my words. Not a disbelieving laugh or curious word. There was no time. Screams rang out from outside. The police chief, my old friend, ran outside. I closed my eyes and dropped to my knees. They’re here and it’s the end.

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