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Best 2016-2017 movies and kids now a days. Topic from minnie1bae

Movies: These are the movies that ive seen or want to see. Some are animations but its nothing wrong with watch animations lol.

Anywho here it is.

The girl with all the gifts: This movie is about a girl who was apart of a scientific experience and they turned her to a monster part zombie i guess but she's still part human and very smart they teach her how to read and stuff you gotta check it out if you like stuff like that. (My brothers and dad made me watch dont judge me lol)

Finding Dory (had to watch it wit kids but it was good) lol

Free state of jones

Central Intelligence

The Boy

Just a couple movies...

Get out

Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2

John wick chapter 2

King kong movie

And girls trip it doesnt come out til july but it looks funny wit jada pickett smith queen latifah tiffany hadish and somebody else i forgot the forth one but if yall dont know what im talking about look up the trailer.

Kids now a days...

Lawd i been having baby fever for a minute but after seeing a few kids and how they were that baby fever went down alot lol. These people kids talk to them any type of way like they the adult. It couldnt be me whenever i do have kids they gone be respectful saying yes maam no ma'am yes sir all that.

Im sure yall seen bad disrespectful kids.

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