Thick Like Mama's Banana Pudding

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     Mannix Poledore sat in his family's attorney's office, fidgeting with his Rolex timepiece. One of his girls wanted to go shopping, and he had promised to be there to pick her up and take her to the mall. Shit; this lawyer was gonna make him late, and he knew he'd have to break off even more cake if he was late. Mannix eyed the wall clock, wishing the man would just hurry up.
     Mannix's parents had been killed in an automobile accident five years back, and the young man had been left everything; his parents' home, cars, and the family business. Mannix would now be in charge of his father's affairs, and that meant a lot more responsibilities. Mannix had to grow up fast and become a man.       Business proved to be strong, and the huge trust his parents left him kept him living lavishly, as he was accustomed to the finer things in life, and the finer things always attracted the finest bitches, so Mannix was doing alright. Mannix considered himself a lady killer; he'd been mistaken for Tyler Lepley so many times, it was embarrassing. His looks got him plenty of dates, and plenty of sex, but it was getting tiresome; almost as tiresome as waiting for this damned lawyer.
    Finally, the door opened, and in walked Mr. Tolliver James, close friend of his parents and their attorney for years. "Ah! Mannix, you're here!", he said. "Yeah, I've been here, but you haven't! You called me! What was so important that I just had to get here! I got me a honey waiting!", exclaimed Mannix. Tolliver looked at him and gave it to him straight. "Son, the business is failing, and my records show that you have blown through half your trust! Spending all of this money is dangerous! You haven't paid on the mortgage on the house, so I'm afraid we're going to have to put it up for sale!", he said.
    Mannix got upset, standing. "Sell the house? Where am I supposed to live?" Tolliver replied, "Lucky for you, you had parents who owned more than one house! Here, son! This is the deed to the house in New Orleans. It's all set for you to move in!" Mannix looked at him in disbelief. "You expect me to leave my home here in Philly and move to the country! I have a life here!", he argued.
    Tolliver wasn't swayed. "Mannix, you had a life here! You have no home here! This is the only option on the table! You'll still have access to your trust, but please, Mannix, use it wisely!" Mannix couldn't believe it. As he got in his Mercedes, he looked at his phone, full of missed calls, which he didn't even worry about. The reality of what was to happen dawned on him, and he drove back home to what was now not home, and began to pack his things.

      As Mannix walked out of the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, he tried desperately to be positive and  make the best out of his situation. He loaded his luggage into the taxicab and headed off to his new home in Algiers.
     Standing outside of his shotgun house, Mannix took a look around his new neighborhood. The house was prefurnished with designs from some of New Orleans contemporary artists, and Mannix found it wasn't so bad. Hell, it felt more comfortable than the home he left. He decided to look on the bright side of things; he still had his trust, and that was a blessing. He wouldn't have to worry about getting a job for a while. Mannix figured he could use his money on the things he needed right now. What he really needed was a ride to get around in, and it had to be lit, or else it was shit.
    Mannix found his way to a used car dealership, and purchased a clean maroon Chevrolet Impala Super Sport in mint condition. It was the much coveted 1995 model, and he got a great deal on it since he paid cash. He felt good to know the state of the art GPS system would teach him how to get around his new domain.
     On his way back home, Mannix stopped at a gas station. He asked the young brother at the register if he knew where he could grab some food, and was directed to Apolline's, a soul food restaurant within walking distance of his home. Mannix chirped his alarm and caught the attention of a few lovely young Southern women, and he felt like a celebrity as he walked inside of Apolline's. He caught more than a few eyes as he walked up to the counter, his urban, big city swag too much for these folks.
    The air in the restaurant smelled delicious, the aromas of baked ham, fried chicken, and red beans and rice assaulting Mannix in the face. He grabbed a menu and looked over it, the assortment of soul food dishes astonishing him. Mannix was used to lobster and steak dinners with his parents before they died, then got used to burgers and sushi, maybe splurging on a cheesesteak every now and then, but what he was smelling and looking at was something he had never experienced before.
   Mannix was about to decide what to order when something more delectable than food caught his eyes. In walked the most devastating young lady Mannix had ever seen. Mannix let his eyes take in all of her voluptuous curves as she served a couple their dinners. Her hair was natural and wild looking, her lips were full and juicy, her breasts filled out her T-shirt nicely, but it was that ass that stole the show and took the cake. Baby's body was banging, and her light brown skin and gold grill at the bottom made her over the top sexy. As she met his eyes, he noticed she was coming over to take his order, a smile on her face, her dimples his captor.

      Freedom Hypolite was the perfect example of a thick, country, New Orleanian gal. She was more than thick thighs and a sexy ass; Freedom had brains. Freedom was woke as fuck, knowledgeable of the lies of the world. Her family descended from slaves of old Orleans times, and she was proud of it. She was named Freedom so she could always remember where she came from, and to encourage where she was going. Freedom had a dream of becoming her own boss someday, and worked hard at her craft, helping cook the soul food so many craved.
     Many guys tried for her, but Freedom was a flirt. She didn't take any of her flirtations seriously, holding out for that special man to come into her life. When she saw the handsome face of the newcomer, Freedom was quite taken back. She swore she was staring at Benny from Tyler Perry's The Have and Have Nots. He was so sexy, and when their eyes met, she could tell he liked what he saw.
    Mannix took in the thoroughbred before him, her dazzling smile and dimples enchanting him. He couldn't help but stare at the huge tattoo across her lovely, ample chest, and read it out loud. "Freedom!", he said sexily, staring at her. "May I ask?" The beauty smiled, then replied, "My name is Freedom!" Mannix found he liked her gold grill and nose piercing. "That's unusual, but I like it! I mean, my name is Mannix! I think I'd know a bit about unusual names!", said Mannix, pouring on his charm.
     Freedom laughed a bit, then asked, "What can I get for ya?" Mannix gave her his most dashing smile, then looked at the menu. "I'm not used to these dishes! I'm from Philly,  and we ate totally different!", said Mannix. Freedom smiled again, shaking her head. "Let's start you off slow then, with a little bit of everything! I'll get you the sampler! Anything to drink?", she asked, writing down his order on her pad.
    Mannix smiled, then said, "Coke!" Freedom smiled once more, then turned to bring his ticket to the window. Mannix took a gander at all of that ass and loved how thick it was. Thick like mama's banana pudding!, he thought to himself as she turned the corner, disappearing into the kitchen.
    When she returned carrying a tray of sample dishes, Mannix smiled, welcoming the sight of her cleavage. "Here you go! Let me know if you need anything else! Oh, it was nice to meet you, Mannix!", said Freedom, going over to serve the others. Mannix couldn't keep his eyes off of the beauty, and found it hard to concentrate on his food.
    After finishing his meal, Mannix left a huge tip for Freedom, along with his cell phone number. Freedom smiled to herself, pocketing her tip and the number. She figured she just might call this cutie and take him out on the town. Endless possibilities swirled through her mind as Freedom tidied up the plates.

     Mannix wound up having a great first day, even though his new home seemed as country as fuck, but meeting the beautiful Freedom left him feeling good, and Mannix found himself thinking of something special he could do to wow her. He wanted her in the worst way, and couldn't wait for her to call.
     After doing a little nosing around, he happened to find out that Freedom lived in the apartment above the restaurant. Mannix was so geeked up, he thought he'd burst. He ordered a bouquet of flowers and had them sent over to Apolline's straight away, hoping his gesture would be accepted. He just had to get next to Freedom, and hoped she wouldn't keep him waiting in vain.

      Freedom didn't know if it was the delicious crab cakes, boiled ham, or baked macaroni that caused it, or even if it was the Follow-Me-Boy oil she had dabbed all over her, but it seemed that this handsome stranger wanted to see her for something, and thought that with the way he looked, she wouldn't have mind at all finding out what he was about.
     As she held her phone and dialed his number, she held her breath, for this felt like fate was finally gonna step in.

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