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Seokjin sat on the single couch across from the three sitter on which Namjoon lay. Eyes scanning, waiting for the kid to try to pull off any funny stunt but nothing. Rather he lay there, harmless, looking innocent and at peace. He had sat there all night keeping vigilant and not attempting to sleep even once.

Seokjin watched the boy, his suspicious stare turning into one of curiosity. The question had been eating him up since the first day he and Namjoon slept together, but he couldn't yet find the answer. Why is this kid unto me?

He couldn't believe it was a mere crush or even love. A person who is in love wouldn't act so sick and crazy. The kid acted like a psycho. It wasn't even cute anymore, but hella creepy. Even being in the same room with the kid made Seokjin's skin crawl.

Where are his parents? Did he ever leave his house? He said he was a student, but what university? Did he even have friends? Seokjin had never seen anyone come to visit the kid. Who was he even? Besides his name, age and that he lived next do, the kid could be a criminal for all Seokji knew, he was oblivious to the type of person Namjoon was. And it was pathetic.

Getting up from his seat, Seokjin tiptoed over to where Namjoon lay and knelt by the couch. Stealthily, he waved a hand over the boy's face and when the boy didn't flinch, he proceeded to check the boy's wallet for any form of identification. He felt Namjoon's front pockets and didn't find anything, he slowly reached for the back pocket but a grip on his wrist stopped him.

Seokjin almost jumped in shock. He looked at Namjoon's face, but his eyes were closed. Seokjin felt his heart sink. Slowly, Namjoon's eyes opened. At first his gaze was straight ahead but soon, he turned his head to the side and stared at Seokjin.

Neither of them moved from their staring position, not for the next 2 minutes, with Seokjin's heart racing away.


Seokjin swallowed his own saliva, eyes popped.

"Did you get any sleep?"

Seokjin was taken aback at the question but decided not to let his fear show. The kid was still gripping his wrist.

"You have dark circles around your eyes."

Guess why?

Seokjin remained silent.

"Like you haven't slept in a while."

Again, silence.

"Is it me?" Seokjin saw his Adam's apple move up and down. "But I love you."

Seokjin tried to break the grip on his wrist but Namjoon only tightened it.

Namjoon sat up on the couch and this time, held unto Seokjin's other wrist. Easily.

"Can't you see I would never hurt you, Seokjin?"

How the hell is this kid this strong?

"How wrong is it to be in love?"

"Namjoon," Seokjin couldn't find more words to say as Namjoon stared at him. The younger wanted Seokjin to talk, to speak to him.

"Why do you hate me for loving you?"

"I- I don't hate you."


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