Chapter 20: Click clack, unload

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Hey guys! Here's a short chapter of 1921 words but I wanna update more often so yeah I hope you're okay with that! Busy week ahead: today we're going out to the movies etc., tomorrow as well, the day after that I'm off, on Wednesday I gotta go to school to pick up some stuff & then my friends and I are going to Taco Bell and hang out 'cause it's the last time we'll see each other in school, the day after that I'm traveling 4,5 hours by train to see Jeremy Loops play live, and on Friday I gotta travel all the way back to see him play in Belgium,  and theeeeen I'm probably exhausted SOOO I wanted to update before my busy week is starting! I might be able to update somewhere in between everything but I'm not sure so here you go! Happy reading!


Tyler buried his face in the fabric of Josh's shirt and sighed. Josh pressed a kiss on top of Tyler's head as he hugged him closer.

"Good morning baby, were you able to get some sleep?" Josh asked with a soft, raspy voice. Tyler nodded. "I slept really well actually", he said as he pressed a kiss on Josh's chest. "Told you you didn't have to worry", he added. Josh smiled as he intertwined his fingers in Tyler's soft hair and softly massaged his scalp with his fingertips. Tyler closed his eyes contentedly.

And Tyler was enjoying it so much, that he didn't even hear the door open.

But he felt the bed dip and he opened his eyes to look up at Josh knowingly.

"Hey sweetie", Tyler said.

"Daddy!" Jimmy cheered as he flopped down on top of Josh and Tyler both. They both let out a laugh.

"Hi honey", Josh said as he ran his free hand through Jimmy's hair and then hugged him. Jimmy mumbled something into the fabric of the bedsheets, making it inaudible.

He then sat up in between them when Josh and Tyler shuffled away from each other a bit so that Jimmy could sit in between them, but Tyler's head was still on Josh's chest.

"Are we going to the aquarium today?" Jimmy asked excitedly. "Today?" Tyler asked with a frown. "Yeah you said we were gonna do that!" Jimmy said.

"No, Jimmy, I did not. I said some day soon, I didn't say today", Tyler said.

"But I want to go today!" Jimmy said with a pouty lip.

"Jimmy, we can't just go whatever day you want. We need to plan what day we want to go. Daddy and I need a day to rest", Tyler said.

Josh pressed a kiss on Tyler's hair. "Hey baby?" He whispered, so that Jimmy wouldn't pay attention, 'cause he was protesting now.

"Hm?" Tyler replied. "Maybe we should go", Josh said. Tyler looked up at him. "Really?" He asked. Josh nodded. "It'd be good for us to just... get out of the house with the three of us", Josh said. "Are you sure? We can just stay home the whole day", Tyler softly told his husband.

"I'm sure baby, it'll be good for us", Josh smiled.

Tyler sighed and smiled. He pressed a kiss on Josh's lips.

"Alright, alright. We're going today", Tyler said as he turned back to Jimmy.

"YEEEEY!" Jimmy cheered as he jumped up and down on the bed and then crawled off of it, running out of the bedroom. Tyler and Josh chuckled, until Tyler heard the stairs.

"No, Jimmy, come back here!" He yelled after him as he sat up quickly.

"No!" Jimmy replied. "James, come back here now! Listen to me!" Tyler said, raising his voice.

"Whyyyyyy?" Jimmy whined. "There, Uhm... there's a really big spider downstairs that I haven't killed yet!" Tyler said.

A screech was heard and Jimmy came running back up the stairs. He ran past their open bedroom door to his own room and Tyler let out a relieved breath.

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