Part 2

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I looked out of the car window, as Alex's friend, Jack, I learned that, announced that we were here.
It was a normal sized two story house in the middle of a suburban neighborhood.
"Two other people live here." Alex explained, "Our bandmates."
"Bandmates?" I questioned, sticking my iPod in my pocket.
"Um, yeah. We're in a band." He shrugged as I nodded. "Here." He took my bag out of my hand and I followed him into the house.  "You can ignore them for now." He pointed to two guys with really short hair.
"Ok." I followed him up the steps, then into the first door on the right. "Wow, this is cool."
The top half of the wall was white, and the bottom half was black. The bed was tucked away in a corner, nothing on it. There were two doors on the same wall as the bed, one must've been a closet, I don't know what the other one could be. There was a full length mirror on the back of the door. 
"Do you like it, later we can go out and get like sheets and stuff like that." Alex said and I nodded.
"Yeah, it's great. And that sounds good." I turned my head and noticed a desk, on the left side of the door.
"Unpack what you have, I'll order pizza, if that's okay, then we'll eat and go shopping." Alex left my bag on the floor.
"Ok." I nodded and he turned towards the door.
"Call me if you need me." I replied with an okay, and opened my bag.
I opened the closet door, there were two rods to hand clothes and a dresser in the back. I quickly hung the t shirts, and separated my jeans and shorts. I threw my shoes near the front of the closet and moved on to the bathroom. I put tooth brush and tooth paste in a drawer, then my hair stuff in a drawer and my deodorant by the sink.
I smiled to my self, and went down the steps, looking for Alex. I tried to walk quietly to avoid the guys on the couch.
I saw Alex for a second and basically ran to him.
"Pizza will be here soon. Come one." He waved for me to follow him.
"Hey Lex." One of them smiled.
"Guys, this is Ella, the one I was telling you about." I waved slightly.
"I'm Rian ." One said, and the other quietly introduced himself as Zack. 
"You can sit." Alex laughed.
"Ok." I gently sat on the edge of the couch, Alex sat next to me, leaning back.
"Loosen up." Alex joked, lightly pushing me.
"I am, I'm loosened up, or whatever you said." I smiled, a little. Alex wrapped an arm around me and gently pulled me back, so I was leaning on the couch.
"There ya go." Alex patted my head twice, causing me to laugh.
There was a knock at the door, the pizza, and Jack ran down the stairs.
"I got it." He yelled. "Thank you." He handed the man money and signed some paper.
"Give it to me." Alex reached behind him for the box of pizza.
"No, I just bought it I'm doing it!" Jack protested.
"I ordered it!" Alex argued, then smirked. "I wanna give Ella first pick."
Jack gave in and handed me the box, I took a slice then handed it to Alex.
"Thank you." I smiled, taking a bite.
"No problem kid." Jack ruffled my hair, grinning.
"Hey!" I laughed, lightly smacking his hand.
"Oh what?" Jack continued to mess with my hair.
"Stop." I turned around, and Jack stuck his tongue out at me. I took another bite out of my pizza, acting very serious.
"Come here I wanna show you something." Jack said, pulling out his phone.
"No, you come here I'm sitting." Jack rolled his eyes and jumped over the back of the couch.
"Don't do that Jack, you're gonna break the couch." Rian told him.
"Ok, Mom." Jack laughed showing me his phone.
It was just like a camera screen but there were weird filters and stuff. 
"Ok." I asked confused.
"No it's funny!" Jack yelled, causing Alex to roll his eyes and laugh.
"Are you done eating, El? We can leave whenever." Alex stood up, stretching his back.
"I'm ready whenever." I shrugged.
"Ok, leggo."
Idk I feel like I should write something here

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