Chapter 9⃣- Project pt. 5⃣

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Lisa's POV

I opened my eyes then stood my body up. I rubbed my eyes and looked around.

Huh, my room. Wait wait wait, how did I get here??? I shrugged then fell on my bed again.

I looked at the time, 5:24. Huh? 5:24? Correction, 5:25. Good there's still time.

I stood up then walked outside from my room. Hallways? Quiet. I chuckled quietly.

Everyone's still asleep. I didn't get to do my research last night. But the materials are all ready.

I walked my way downstairs then headed to the kitchen. I took the milk box the poured some onto my glass.

I licked my lips after drinking it. It tasted so sweet~

I then started making breakfast for them. I then remembered............ Mom....

She often does this to me when dad and my cute siblings didn't came to my life before.

But since I'm the eldest child of mom and dad, I have to take responsibility to my siblings.

I looked at the big watch then found out it was 6:26. I prepared their breakfast then immediately called the 2.


Sam's room:

I opened the curtains because its very dark. He often does this. You know, Closing the curtains.

He doesn't like the light very much. But It doesn't mean like he's a vampire.

He isn't awake yet. Maybe he didn't notice the light. But I found his phone was on.

There was a message from his notif. I looked at who's texting him.......... Jagi.

Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah....... Jagi?! This kid! I'm fine that he has a girlfriend but I'm not fine that he is keeping it a secret

Maybe he's gonna tell us the other time... I will respect on what he's doing. But Sang-mi and I have to know this first.

I shaked him gently as he started to open his eyes.

"Noona?" He called me as I raised him an eyebrow.

He immediately stood up as I got off his bed. He fixed his bed as I was just watching him.

He was done so I spoke.

"Sam, get hurry okay?" I said as he nodded. I got outside from his room then went to My baby sister's room.


Sang-mi's room:

As usual, I woke her up then helped her get ready so fast. But now she's different, she's like doing her chores on herself without my help.

She kept smiling the whole time. What's with her?

I just frozed then watched her do the things she did. She didn't notice what I was doing cause now she is doing her work actively while smiling.

She was done now so she looked at me then hold my hand.

"Unnie, let's go now!" She said energeticly while dragging me downstairs.

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