Part 1

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Alex wasn't sure what to expect as he pushed open the doors to the orphanage. He took a deep breath, glancing behind him to make sure his best friend Jack hadn't left him.
"Breath." Jack laughed, pushing Alex a little bit.
"I'm here to adopt?" Alex questioned the lady at a desk, who seemed nice enough.
"Age and gender?"
"Any age, any gender." He replied, confident he would find someone.
"This way please." She smiled, and lead the boys into a room.
Lots of kids were there, from toddlers to older teenagers. They looked tired, like they had just run a 5k. There were at least 35. Jack bit his lip in disbelief, did this many parents abandon their kids. Jack shook his head, 'Their parent could've died.' He reminded himself, but that didn't sound much better.
"Ella, were going alphabetical order." A tall, girl stood up. Okay, she wasn't that tall, maybe 5 foot 6 inches?
"We go in there." She said sheepishly to Alex and Jack, pointing.
"Oh, ok." They glanced at each other but went in.
"Hey," The girl, Ella, smiled once the door was shut. "Sorry about that, I have to act really hateful in front of the little kids so they'll leave me alone." She seemed nice, but quiet, Alex immediately noticed.
"Oh." Alex laughed a little. "Well Hi, I'm Alex." He stuck his hand out, she seemed hesitant to take it, but she did.
"Ella. Or Ellie." She shrugged.
"So, um, what do you like to do." Alex asked.
"I like to, um, I don't know, honestly. I don't really do Anything." Ella admitted, looking down.
"That's okay, everyone has something." Alex assured her.
"Ok, El." The front desk lady said, and Ella smiled at the nickname. "Kennedy!" She then yelled.
"Thanks guys, bye." She smiled waving at the boys.
"Bye Ella." Alex smiled as the name so easily rolled off of his tongue, almost like he had named her. He thought about connected his last name, Ella fit perfectly.
Ella wiped her hands on her light-washed skinny jeans, and pulled down her worn-out Aeropostale shirt a little. She was wearing her white Toms that she had had forever. But hey, when all you wear is skinny jeans, t shirts of different brands, and slide on shoes, you can't go wrong.
Alex was ready to leave by number 37, even though Jack had told him that was probably the last one. Jack was right, Alex just wished he hadn't sat through all of those people, he knew he wanted Ella.
Ella side braided her hair, trying to style it somehow so she was more comfortable with herself.
"Can we have Ella ?" Alex asked the front desk lady, who he learned was named Mary.
"Sure, she's the sweetest you'll get along with her so well. But she can get really bad anxiety attacks, not often but sometimes."
"Ok." Alex said slowly, thinking about an anxiety attack he had had during a show.
"Ella!" Mary yelled.
"Yes." Ella made a small "k" sound toward the end of the word.
"Go can go pack, girly." Mary informed her, smiling.
Ella looked up at Alex, with what he could've sworn was all the hope the world had to offer in her eyes. He smiled lightly, and was surprised when she quickly hugged him, then ran back up the steps.
"Here's the fun part." Mary joked, she had done the papers multiple times, and after a while, it became funny for her to watch people do them for the first time.
Ella pulled out her suitcase from under the bed. She grabbed all of her shirts from the top drawer and pushed them to one side. She had 9 shirts, in the pile, 10 if you counted the one she was wearing. Next was jeans, 4 jeans, 5 with the ones she's wearing. Ella sat the jeans on the opposite side and put her three pairs of shorts on top of them. She put her white flip flops in the middle, and her black and white running shoes on top of the flip flops. Ella was grateful that here they supplied everything you needed, clothes, toiletries, and three meals a day. She zipped the suitcase and opened the front pouch, shoving in deodorant, tooth brush, tooth paste, hair brush, and a pack of hair ties.
"Okay." She whispered to herself, "You're finally leaving after 13 years. Don't mess it up." Ella took a deep breath in, taking on last glance around the room. She grabbed her iPod touch, charger, headphones, then skipped gleefully down the steps.
"Ready?" Alex asked her, taking the bag out of her hand, Ella realized she didn't know the guy with Alex, and took a deep breath.
"As I'll ever be."

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