"!!" both Djinns gasped when Ugo suddenly came out.

"You are...!!" Ipos gasped, taken aback. Now here was someone you didn't get to meet everyday!

"Oh, my!" said Paimon. "What luck I've had to see someone extraordinary again. I wonder what today is!?" For a moment, the three Djinns stood there in a Mexican standoff, eyeing each other carefully.

"...?" The humans stared, wondering what they were up to. The Djinns looked awfully serious... They weren't going to fight, were they? And then, suddenly, with a gleam in her eyes Paimon lunged at Ugo and began poking the startled Djiin repeatedly in the nipples until he had flushed bright pink from head to toe in embarrassment.

"Phew, safe...!" Ipos said, letting out a sigh of relief as he wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his paw.

'What on earth are they doing...?' Faith and Hope wondered, sweat-dropping. What kind of sexual harassment was that?

"Ufuh~! Don't think I've forgotten about you, Ipos-kun!" Paimon purred, sneaking up on the winged-platylion from behind to fondle his mane and wings. Apparently, Ipos was very ticklish.

"St—hahaha—Stop it!!" he snarled as a vein throbbed on his forehead, trying to control his laughter. "Haha—Don't—haha—make me—hahaha—bite you!!!" Ugo waved his arms nervously when Ipos took a nip at Paimon. The other two Djinns immediately stopped what they were doing to pay attention as he began making more hand signs to communicate with them.

'This again... I wonder what they're talking about?' Aladdin and Faith thought.

"What's he doing? Is that some kind of sign language?" Hope asked curiously.

"Who knows?" Faith said with a shrug as Paimon ran her finger up Ugo's abs, making the Djinn flinch nervously and blush furiously again. She and Ipos nodded as Ugo pushed through his embarrassment and continued to convey the rest of his message.

"I see. I understand the situation now," Ipos said seriously once they were done.

"Yes, you guys have had a lot of trouble. And there seems to be something unusual going on in the world," Paimon agreed with a brief glance at Aladdin and the twins. "But you know... That makes no difference to me," she said with a grin, wrapping her arms around Hakuei as she pulled the princess close to her naked bosom. "I don't care what happens to the world. My only task is to help Hakuei, whom I've fallen for as a worthy King Candidate... That's the reason I was created."

"As irresponsible as always..." Ipos muttered as he and Ugo sweat-dropped, chagrined. Hope also sweat-dropped when she saw the envious look on her sister's face as she eyed Hakuei's position tucked between her Djinn's large boobs.

"King Candidate...?" Aladdin asked.

"A King Candidate is someone who has been deemed worthy to capture a dungeon and be chosen to receive the power of a Djinn's Vessel. You could say Hope is my King Candidate," Ipos explained proudly.

"My Hakuei-chan is better," said Paimon. "She has beauty and intelligence!"

"Well, so does Hope. Not only is she a genius, but she's a skilled warrior as well!" he countered.

"My Hakuei has received training in swordsmanship, and she has a royal pedigree!"

"Well, my Hope—"

"Hey, yeah, sorry to interrupt... but we've got some questions," Hope said rather unapologetically, stopping them before it had a chance to get ridiculous. For such powerful beings, they were acting awfully childish. They reminded her of a couple of kindergartners arguing over who had the better mom. "You wanna go first, Aladdin?"

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