A Door, A Reel, A Prayer

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I have to warn you that this chapter is rather short. Most of that episode in the game was just Chris and Ashley walking around so it was really hard to add excitement to it. I also wanted to leave some room for more chapters so this isn't a five chapter thing. (also want to say I haven't proof-read this yet because it's 11:40 at night and I want to sleep) (Update: someone needed to tell me to GET SOME SLEEP OMG- )

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Bo watched as Ashley fussed with her jacket in nervousness as they made their journey to rescue Sam.

"Ash," She set her hand on the frightened girl's shoulder, "we'll be fine. Chris and I got away from this Psycho, whoever he is, we can get away from him again."

"Yes, I know you did. But you also lost one in the process!" She argued. Bo glanced away from Ashley.

"And there's not a second I don't think about him," She whispered to herself, keeping her head down as she allowed Ashley to move forward in front of her. A stream of hopeful light from the outside shone on her, a hole in the ceiling allowing it to move freely. She looked up into it, feeling it on her sickly face.

Then she threw up again.

This time, Ashley raced back to rub her back as she did so, Bo's hair was already out of her face in a bun.

"You know, I can take Bo back, Chris! This is too scary for me anyways," Ashley offered. Bo shook her head and stuck out her hand to Chris.

"No, no, I'm fine. I can save Sam with you guys. Don't render me useless, please, Chris." Hobbling back up, she spit to the side, regaining confidence. He stared at her for a while, almost like a Western standoff. Finally he sighed and gave Bo a small, quirky, smile.

"Alright, you can help. I won't make you go back," he agreed, making Bo's face light up.

"Let's go find Sam!" She cheered, hoarsly. She limped forward, turning the corner energetically to find a crumbled doorway made of the same material the walls were. "Woah guys, another room." She announced, before entering it and waiting for her other two friends with the flashlights. Bo forgot how scary the dark was and as she was encaved in it, that irrational fear built up again before she raced off with a glimp back to find them.

All three of them went into the room, together this time, and Bo was finally able to make out those shapes she couldn't see beforehand. They staggered off into the exit and continued on.

"More hallways!?" Bo sighed.

"Last hallway." Chris hoped, and lead the pack into a room that was lit up by a lantern hanging from the ceiling. The room held a mannequin chained to a plank board, and Bo felt herself chained just as the mannequin was and looked away quickly, trying to get that image out of her head.

While Bo was fantasizing over the past, she didn't realize that Ashley and Chris were already sneaking into another room. Sighing once, she took one last look at the mannequin before having enough and following the two, angrily.

"This man is messing with me," Bo whispered to Chris, who was letting Ash lead.

"What do you mean?" He whispered back.

"Did you not see that whole setup back there? The-the mannequin chopped in half, chained to the plank!" She furrowed her eyebrows.

"Now you're the one reaching, Bo. We need to find Sam at all costs, we need to keep it together and get us all out of this place. Lucky for us, Matt and Emily are looking for help as we speak." He used his strange way of comforting on Bo, and for some weird reason it worked. Then again, Bo needed all kinds of comforting at that moment.

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