Chapter 6: I'm Sexy And I Know It

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Previously on Coach's Little Girlfriend: 

Sometimes you can't have it all. Its really hard for Finn and Rachel to have a relatioship based on being a teacher and a student. But they keep it together, and still going strong as ever. Every night they keep thinking how wrong it was. But the hearts does what it wants. 

Last Night Finn and Rachel had a phone call about Finn having a new job of being a Football Coach.

"Ok then, GTG, its getting late" Rachel yawned. "Oh, and I love you too. bye Mr. H" She said teasingly.

"Bye, babe, Love you" He hangs up.


~Next Day~

Finn and Rachel were making out under the bleachers. Because of Finn's job and Rachel cheerleading practice. 

"Babe" Finn murmured during the kiss. "I have to go, the guys are waiting for me in the lockers room" He pulled away. Rachel sighed sadly.

"Alright see you later?" Rachel asked. Finn nodded, and hugged her then kiss her forhead.

"Love you" Finn said started to walk away from the bleachers.

"Love you too" Rachel sighed dreamely, and went to girl's locker room to change into cheerleading uniform.



Rachel walked in with Santana and Brittany by herside wearing cheerleading uniform to football field. Wind causing to fly their hairs behind their head, their skirt fying above that everyone can see their underwear.

The football players that are there whistled. Finn's mouth is wide open, his drooling. His breathe hitched when she walked in. Its like she's the only person in the room or field. Rachel winked at him and flashed him a smile.

"They're hot" Puck whistled.

"Yeah, especially the girl in the middle, I think her name is Rachel" One of the football player said, causing Finn to secretly glare at him. They do look hot, but no ones going to hit on my girl.

"Okay, lets get back to the practice, guys. You're here to win the football game next friday not to hit on the cheerleaders" Finn exclaimed.

"I would never hit on my sister, that would be like hitting on my mother" Jesse said making a dicusting face. "But I admit that Santana girl and Brittana look hot" He smirked.

"Wait, which one is your sister?" Finn asked Jesse. 

"That girl, her name is Rachel" Jesse pointed to Rachel who's doing back flips. Finn find hot that it makes his thing grow harder but just staring at her. "Why?" Jesse asked his coach. Finn just shooked his head no and whistled his whistler.


"Finn" Rachel moaned. Her leg was wrapped around his waist while her hands was playing with his hair. Rachel was walking down the hall when she felt someone grab her wrist and drag her in some office.

"You were killing me Rach" Finn said kissing her neck. Rachel smirked. He undid his belt and pull his pants down revealing his thing. He goes inside her thrusting in and out. Rachel moaned loudly burying her face in his neck, messing with his hair.

Minutes Later.

"God I love you" Finn groaned about to come. 

After they were done, they decided they just don't want to change for a minuted, so they're both completely naked inside Finn's office.

"Did I tell you, how much I love you?" Finn asked kissing her forhead. She was sitting on top of his table. Which Finn find very hot, examining her prefect body.

"One, or twice, but i dont mind hearing it again" Rachel grinned. She jump out of the table and started to take her clothes back.

"I'll call you tonight ok?" Finn said kissing her neck wrapping his arms around her waist from behind.

"Kay" Rachel said simply. "Finn do you think this is wrong?" Finn sighed stopped kissing her neck.

"I found you first remember" Finn smirked. Rachel nodded.

"So, its not wrong?" Rachel asked innocently.

"I dont know" He sighed loudly. "All that matters is that I love you ok?" He said pulling her for a hug and kissing her hair. Rachel sighed then nodded. 

"I love you too" She look up and kiss him on full lips.

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