I'm allergic to vampires! Literally....Chapter 26

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“Conan gave you to us, he’s kept us down here for a long while…”

“Because we cannot go out in the sun,” a woman said. All their faces were smudged with dirt.

“And he does not satisfy our thirst.”

“Not like you do.” A young girl was curled up at my side, her tiny arms wrapped around one of mine. She gazed up at me with adoring eyes.

“You can’t go in the sun?”

“No, we can’t.” A boy replied.
“…How long have you been down here?”

“We do not know.”

“Do any of you know a Skyler?” I asked, curious. Everyone looked at each other. The young girl next to me spoke up.

“Skyler was my friend…we used to play together, now she’s gone…”

“So you all knew her?”
“Yes, she was given to us.”
“Given to you?”
“Yes, a human gave her to us as a baby. We took her in, she was a half solstice, like Conan.”

My eyes nearly bulged out of my sockets.

“Who gave you her?”
“Her mother until she realized Ridgewell was bombed. Minerva made her forget her memories of being a solstice vampire to protect her from the vampire slayers community.”

“It all makes sense now. Skyler isn’t the one of the prophecy! She’s just a solstice vampire, but why would she have such affects on vampires?” I mumbled to myself.

“What are these effects? Is Skyler doing well?” They all looked at me hopeful.

“It’s been a couple days since I’ve last seen her, I don’t know, Conan said she was captured by a changeling.” The cavern becomes dead silent.

“Then…she is dead…” Another one informed.

“What do you mean dead?” I asked, discouraged.
“Changelings eat solstice vampires.” The news hit me hard.

“No, not Skyler…I won’t believe it…I won’t give up on her this time.”

“When you say affects, what are they?” The woman asked.

“Well…if I don’t drink her blood every once and awhile, she causes me great pain to be around her, it burns when I touch her, her blood is like sweet ecstasy.”

“Ah, a natural occurring thing in a half solstice.” A young
“So…I didn’t change her?” I asked, relieved.

“No, a half solstice cannot change like your half vampires.” The woman explained. Happiness overwhelmed me.
“I didn’t change her! I’m so relieved!”
“But she is in danger, a challenging will do anything to get their meal, trickery is a wonderful skill they have.” A man quipped, sadness present in his face.
“Is there any way out of here?” I asked them.

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