I'm allergic to vampires! Literally....Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Galen’s POV

I tried to follow the trail, her scent was getting stronger but I would lose it from time to time, the rain making it difficult to track her. I wished she was with me, safe in my arms and this time, I would never let her go. I continued to walk until halting abruptly, my head pounding instantly, I felt urged to turn around and never come back but I looked up to see the large dilapidated mansion, overtaken by vines.

“She could be there…” I continued to move forward, the pain in my head getting worse until finally, I was flung backwards. I laid there in the mud for several moments, pondering what had just happened. “Well at least I know that’s where she is, I’d better get back to Jace…” I muttered. I wondered why she had run away, did she even want me still now that Jace was back? Was I even good enough for her? I hoped the answers to those questions were based off good intentions. I wanted to turn back, so badly, but something told me I should continue to move forward. Our link was nonexistent now or it felt like it, her thoughts weren’t audible, her feelings unfelt. She couldn’t have fallen prey to…I didn’t want to have those thoughts present in my head. My heel ground into the mud ridden surface as I turned, facing the forgotten housing. I studied the ground past it, the mud was slick but I saw footprints. This gave me hope. I pressed a hand against the barrier, the resistance forced upon my hand was phenomenal. Someone else was present and if I were to protect Skyler, I had to be alert in every way. Right now, I was drenched and groggy, my fangs pricked my bottom lip in hunger. The thought of Skyler brought out my thirst. Fists clenched, I had to find a way to her. Maybe there would be a weak spot in the barrier, it had to be over a large area, these ruins were quite expanse. I pressed against the invisible barrier, pain prickled over my skin, cold and stealthy. I was flung backwards once again, skidding in the mud.

“Dammit. This will take time.”


Jace’s POV

Blood. Its scent is strong, an aroma of life itself, metallic and unearthly. Skin was pressed against mine. My skull felt like little shards of glass were tearing up the inside. As I tried to sit up, I found I couldn’t. I wasn’t bound though, a light weight was present on my stomach.

“He’s awake.” A soft voice hissed. “Luca, give him some of your blood.”

“Ugh…what?” I sputtered. Lips made their way to my neck and I shuddered. “Relax, I am helping you.”

“What happened?” I managed to say. The sound of a match striking a rocky surface brought light into the area. My gaze landed on the faces crowded around me. There had to be at least twenty of them.

“Are you hurt?” One asked.

“No…just a bit achy.” These were solstice vampires, their eyes flickered red and purple. Every inch of bare skin on me had a bite mark.

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