Chapter 13

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"Well done," Master Zhar said to Venar from his seat in the Council Chambers the next day. "You brought Juhani back to us, and cleansed the Ancient Grove. You could have easily decided to kill her, and it would've cleansed the darkness, but you chose an alternative path."

"I only did what I thought was right. She had chosen to give in to the Dark Side only because she was afraid there was nothing left for her after her mistake," Venar explained, "I simply showed her that it was still possible to get back up after her fall."

"Yes," Master Vandar spoke up, his green skin wrinkling on his forehead. "This is the Jedi way. We don't seek to destroy the individuals who use the Dark Side as a first resort. Our first attempt should always be to return them to the light."

"Those who have returned from the Dark Side are in a better position to warn and help those who risk falling themselves," Vrook spoke up, his demeanor softened a bit more than usual.

"I understand, Masters," Venar said, "what will happen with Juhani?"

"She has been taken into the care of our healers. They are helping her to move past her darkness and to return to the balance within herself," Zhar explained.

Venar at that moment felt Bastila's presence enter the room through the entranceway behind him. She walked up next to him and stood there at attention. He glanced sideways at her.

"You have made astounding progress, Venar," Zhar said,"The Council has decided you will now officially join the ranks of the Jedi. Welcome to the Order, Padawan Moonrunner."

"Thank you Masters," Venar said with a bow, "I am honored."

"My time training you, however, is over. The Council has granted you as Padawan to Bastila Shan. She will complete your training."

"It is no coincidence that you and her share a bond," Vandar explained, "The Force has brought you together. You must take advantage of that bond. Rely on each other for strength and endurance."

"Which brings us to your first assignment as Master and Padawan," Master Dorak said, "We sent someone to investigate the ruins you dreamed of Revan and Malak finding. Unfortunately, they have not returned. Bastila, you and Venar are to investigate these ruins and report back to us what you find. Perhaps there is something there that can shed light on their fall to the Dark Side and how they have been able to amass such a large fleet."

"Of course, Masters," Bastila said, "We will leave at once."

"What makes you so certain we will succeed where the previous Jedi failed?" Venar asked suddenly.

"You and Bastila shared a dream about this place," Vandar explained, "Perhaps it you two the Force has selected to explore it. Perhaps sending another Jedi in your place was... a lapse of judgement."

"Whether we like it or not," Vrook spoke up, "the Force has selected you for this task. Now go, we will speak more of this when you return."

Bastila and Venar both took their bow, and left the Council chambers. He wasn't completely sure where they were going, but Bastila seemed to know. She was walking with purpose and at a quickened pace.

As they walked down the hallway, Venar realized Bastila was conspicuously silent, and she seemed to be avoiding his gaze. He wasn't completely sure as he still had a long way to go to hone his powers, but he thought he sensed some sort of uncertainty and apprehension within her.

They walked down to the garage of the enclave where the Jedi kept some landspeeders for the Jedi to use. They walked through the garage with landspeeders lining both sides of the garage. They chose one and Bastila took the drivers seat. She started it up and slowly brought the vehicle to the large double doors that proceeded to open and allow them to depart the enclave.

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