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Memories, were lost. Forgotten. Replaced with glimpses of light, and glimpses of darkness.

Frightened, by the light. It watched every move he made. He was afraid, dared he slept, the light would consume him.

Swallowed, by darkness. A protective shield, a barrier the light could not break through. Though home to the voices, he was too afraid of the change the light would bring.

Drowning, in fear. He feared what the past had brought. He feared the reality of the situation he was in.

Living, no more. He had often placed his right hand over his heart. Brought his hands to his mouth to warm them. Horror set upon him each and every time when reality hit him. His heart no longer beat. He no longer could breath. He was dead, the light was there to guide him to heaven. There was no returning home. But that wouldn't keep him from trying.

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