I Love The Feeling Of Your Warmth!

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When You Cuddle!

Valt Aoi

Now, normally you don't like hugging too much. Nothing personal happened to you, you just don't like it. But with you being in a relationship with a hug loving fanatic, you were surprised each day with at least 10 hugs. You would ask for Valt to stop. But Valt being Valt, he didn't stop. Thanks to him, you were starting to love hugs. Especially his.

You were having a rough day, first Shu and Lui got in a fight again, thankfully it wasn't physical. Well, almost. And you, Zac, and Xhaka had to split them apart. It wasn't easy but you managed. 

And then, Toko and Nika literally wouldn't let you go. The three of you were having Beybattles, and since you're one of the members of the Spin Emperors, the twins really look up to you and love to battle you. But then they wanted rematches. You were pretty much dying out of exhaustion. Valt had to come to your rescue. 

"Hey, Toko, Nika, you mind leaving (Y/N) alone for just a bit?" Valt asked. The twins shook their heads, "Wait! One more round! Please?" They whined. Valt shook his head, "No, (Y/N) is very tired at the moment. She needs rest." Valt said, crossing his arms. It was cute how he cared for you. The twins sighed, "Fine." "We'll battle another time." You reassured them. Valt took your hand and led you inside his house. 

"Thank you, Valt." You said, rubbing your eyes tiredly. "You're welcome, you can tell me about your day when you're full of energy." Valt said, sitting down on the couch, he patted the spot next to him. You sat next to him, placing your head on Valt's shoulder. "Here, how about this?" The blue haired male said, wrapping his arms around you. You placed your head on his chest.

And then you began to fall asleep. 

Valt kissed the top of your head, petting your (H/C) colored hair.  Falling asleep himself. 

Shu Kurenai

It was 9:40 PM, Shu came back home very tired. You guess from training too much. 

"I'm home...(Y/N)..." His tired voice rang. "Oh! Shu! You're just in time!" You said, getting out a plate of his favorite food (that you just cooked). He sat down and began to eat. You sat across him, smiling. "Do you like it?" You ask, earning a small tired nod from the albino male. Once he finished, you picked up the plate, giving his a peck on his cheek while picking the plate up, and placed it in the sink.

You felt Shu wrapping his arms around you. He then placed his head on your shoulder. "You're that tired, aren't you?" You joked. Shu replied with a small "Mhm..."  You took his hand, "Go and take a shower to get rid of the sweat and change your clothing. Then I'll take you to bed." You instructed. Shu nodded tiredly. He did as he was told and he found you watching T.V. You looked over to your sleepy boyfriend and smiled. 

You dragged Shu to his room and placed him onto his bed, you gave him another peck on his forehead. You were about to leave until you felt someone grab your wrist. You turn back around to see Shu smile softly at you, his deep red eyes were half lidded. His white hair was slightly messy. "(Y/N), come and lie down with me." He said, you blushed slightly, but nodded anyways. 

You lied down next to Shu. He covered the both of you with his blankets and snuggled up next to you. Shu loved you with every bit of his heart. 

You both had a restful night in each other arms. 

I think that sleepy Shu is your favorite Shu.

Rantaro Kiyama

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