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Tom ran around the halls wearing a pair of jeans with a baggy white T-shirt and a pair of Nike trainers, his rucksack beat his back repeatedly as he ran and attempted to catch his breath.

The Spider-man pin on his backpack clicked repeatedly as he ran holding his books tight to his chest, he turned a sharp corner left and crashed into a walking student and both of their books flying all over.

Both boys groaned and while Tom rubbed his head the mysterious boy rubbed his tailbone, the mysterious boy wore a black cloth moto jacket and black jeans with a white T-shirt and brown boots. Both made eye contact and Tom felt something shift inside of him.

" I-I, uh, I'm so sorry I didn't pay attention I was rushing to my class and didn't have enough time to see. . " Tom said, the boy merely smiled reassuringly and stood up holding out his hand for Tom to grab. Tom reached out and as soon as their fingertips touched Tom's entire world exploded.

Not destruction wise, no, before Tom held the mysterious boys hand the colors now seemed so dull and plain, but now the colors were so vibrant that his eyes stung. " It's no problem mate, honestly, my names Harrison Osterfield. " he said as he lifted up Tom.

" I-I'm Tom, Tom Holland. " he replied, Harrison smiled and put his hand back in his pocket, Tom checked his watch and grimaced at the time " Sorry to barge out but I've got to get to Biology, I've got to go to my English class. " Tom said before rushing to his class

As he entered the classroom he sheepishly handed the teacher his late note and pointed him to a seat, Tom sat down and as soon as he did Harrison entered the room.

" Ah Mr. Osterfield, how lovely of you to join us, go take a seat next to Mr. Holland. " Mr. Fletcher said, Tom quickly looked down at his notebook in embarrassment.

Harrison sat next to Tom and smiled at him, Tom smiled back and he knew deep down that this year was going to be long and difficult with his new found love interest.

He knew he was gay but his parents didn't.

If theu found out he was gay his entire life would be over before he knew it.

Tom tried to focuse more on his notes but he couldn't pull his focus off of Harrison's startling electric blue eyes.

He was the boy hopelessly in love with Harrison.

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