Chapter 38 || Through Children's Eyes, You'll See The Lies...

It's been a week since our break-in into Marissa's house and nothing has really happened since then. Our mission remained unnoticed and nobody has become suspicious in any kind of way. I haven't spoken to Paula nor to Lizzie for a really long time which is quite unusual regarding the fact that we were inseparable.

My biggest hope is that everything is going to get back to normal but I'm afraid that this is never going to happen. Paula seemed to be fully integrated into Marissa's lifestyle but I still hope that I can talk to her and ask her why she is acting so weird.

She treats me like I'm the most pathetic human being on earth. Sometimes I catch Lizzie giving me sympathetic looks but as soon as I look at her, her gaze wanders away.

My current mood leads me to what I'm always doing when I need to sort my thoughts out: I go shopping.

I'm not talking about the usual kind of shopping like buying clothes and makeup like normal girls would do, but about the plain walk to the supermarket.

I know that this sounds pretty strange but it is honestly the best thing for me to be reflecting. I'm not the kind of person who has a beautiful special place like a hidden waterfall or something like the girls in the movies.

I normally do all the grocery shopping because my mom hates it and I love to do it. I don't know why but it is pretty calming for me.

I have a list that I can work through which is enough for me to have something to do but not too much so that it takes too much brain work.

Making my way through the cosmetic section, I was trying to find my favourite shower gel. I was about to grab the last bottle when a sudden hand took the bottle right from under my nose. I raised my head to see a familiar face with blonde hair.

"Hey, Sofía ! I haven't talked to you in ages. I thought you emigrated into another country or something like that.", Olivia exclaimed with a surprised look on her face.

"I know, I have just so much work to do at school. I'm pretty busy at the moment.", I lied.

I definitely do not have much work to do but I thought it was better to avoid the Evans family, although I miss Gracie like hell. I assumed that Olivia would not want to let me babysit Gracie anymore after Marissa probably spread lies about that might have reached the end of town by now.

"I'm sorry to what happened between you and Noah and I know it is not your fault.", I stared blankly at her face, still trying to realize what she has just said. "You are not ? Oh, I thought Marissa might have dropped some interesting and also made-up facts about me."

"Oh, she did, believe me, but I don't trust her neither do I like her. At first, I was pretty sceptical and tried to like her but then Gracie convinced me otherwise.", Olivia said.

"Why ? What did Gracie do ?"

"You know, she is a pretty smart child. I'm not talking about one of those highly intelligent children that can calculate the square root of two hundred sixty-seven but her social intelligence is better than of most of people all around the world. When it comes to assessing people's character I trust her more than myself because when she didn't like someone and I didn't have anything against that person, she turned out to be right every time.", she explained.

"That may sound a little weird but I always ask Gracie about her opinion and so I did about Marissa. Her answer was pretty interesting because she said that Marissa is like her Barbie: pretty but when you look in her eyes, you see nothing. Marissa is not good for Noah but that is something I can't force him to realize.", she shrugged.

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