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"My name is Rose. I'm fourteen and I was diagnosed with stage one depression a month ago" there's me. I don't tell people my story especially when they ask because that means I'm not hiding it well enough.

There I was. Standing in the middle of our little therapy circle telling my story. Everyone was staring at me but they all had a different stare. There was eight of us in our little group. There was girl at least one year younger than me with curly blond hair and green eyes. She looked like she cared about what I was saying. The only other two girls in our group looked at me like they were being forced. There was a boy who looked at me with scared eyes that said don't look at me. The three other guys were looking at me then looking away totally not interested in me and totally distracted. All but one of them. One of them kept meeting my eyes and giving a smile that was more of a smirk . Every time he looked at me I felt my face heat and yet he was totally calm. I always looked away to let my face cool down but our eyes kept meeting.

When I was finally finished speaking I didn't acknowledge that I was finished but stood there silent waiting for our therapist to say something. He was a middle aged man with curly red hair and freckles that made him look like a child.


job miss Rose" he said and began to clap. Slowly everyone else did but they were not as enthusiastic as our therapist. All but the guy who kept staring at me. He stood on his chair and clapped so loud it echoed in the small room.

"Sit down Mr. Polk" the therapist said in a stern voice but sounded almost like he was holding back a laugh unlike all the other people in the room who didn't even try to hold it in.

" what? You said I should be more welcoming to new people. Am I doing it wrong Mr. Roberts"He said with that same grin and looked at me instead of Mr. Roberts.

"Just sit down" he said more stern than before.

" yes sir!" He gave a solute and then jumped off his chair and sat down.

" now if you are done Mr. Polk"

" call me Sam" he said in a voice like he's said it to many times to count.

"Alright Mr.polk today we will be greeting each other in pairs and will be getting know as much as you can about each other in two minutes."

" So speed dating" said one of Sams friends elbowing him in the shoulder. Sams face reddened as he realized he was staring.

" if we're done. I would like you to pair up and I will start the timer" said Mr. Roberts.

We all stood and I looked around for someone. I realized Sam was walking towards me asking with his eyes if I would be his partner but before he reached me I was yanked by my wrist and turned around. It was the blonde girl who was so interested in me.

"Hi! My names Kayla "she said in a high pitched and happy voice with and expression to match.

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