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I glared at the dirt beneath me, dust lifting all around as I crawled towards the nearest cement wall. Part of me had wanted to wait until he left, but after hours of torturous waiting followed by morbid threats, he didn't seem interested in giving me the chance to escape. Figures.

"Where do you think you're going?" the grating voice asked, disturbingly composed. "It's time, come here."

My eyes widened fearfully at the order... at what he meant. I lifted a hand, clasping it across my neck and shivering at the reality that there was nothing I could do. I crawled backwards and felt my back press against the wall, the uneven surface pressing roughly against my bare skin.

"Stay away," I yelled hoarsely, hands pushing into the pockets of my tattered jeans in search of anything. I kept doing that, even though I knew he'd taken my phone long ago.

"Oh, it'll be fine," he muttered, even though we both knew I wouldn't be able to handle the blood loss.

It'd kill me.

He was staring at me hungrily; his intentions were clear through the glint of desire present in his eyes. His fangs were not present anymore, instead replaced by bloodstained, normal teeth. But that didn't make him any less atrocious.

I growled under my breath, my chest rising and falling with every harsh breath I forced.

"Not right now, Elias. I guess I can feed late, but seeing you struggle like that does things to me," he murmured hungrily, licking his lips. "Weakness looks so good on you."

"I'll kill you," I snapped bitterly, shaking my head in disbelief. I clawed at the ground, looking for anything I could possibly use against him. But of course, there was nothing but weeds and small rocks.

"Now, now."

"You disgust me," I muttered, knowing very well I was being reckless by giving him a reason to lunge forward.

"Why? Because I have needs too?" he asked, shrugging casually. He stepped forward, kneeling before me and lifting his hands to hover over my face. "I just want to see you break, Elias. I want to watch you plead for mercy."

"You'll have to kill me first," I replied, shuddering at the violent greed in his eyes.

He breathed deeply, gazing across my body once more. His eyes were glazed over, focusing on me, yet somehow also staring beyond me... out into the distance.

"Let me go," I tried, forcing the words out of my mouth even though they'd do nothing to sway him. Five feedings in and the only thing keeping him from killing me was the intervals of satiation where he wasn't feeding from the very bloody neck I was desperately shielding with dirt-covered hands.

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