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Sophie's POV

"I got you a necklace." he says, words rushed.

"You what?!" I raise my brows in surprise. Why would he get me a necklace?

"I got you a necklace." he says again, a faint smile on his lips.

"What? When? Where were you, even?" His green eyes look away from mine and he scratches the back of his neck, clearly not wishing to talk about this.

I was so clueless back then.

"I can't tell you." he speaks, his soft, inviting lips forming a suspision and comfusion deep inside me.

"What do you mean, you can't tell me?" I question further, burying my hand in his curls.

"I can't tell you, it's... Can we discuss this later? I really want to give it to you." he huffs and smiles.

He lifts me on my feet, his fingers tracing across my skin where he puts the necklace with the blue heart gemstone around my neck.

My fingers trace the heart around my neck absentmindedly, while I get lost in my thoughts.

The week went by quickly, like always, and it was Friday again. The sound of my phone ringing brings me out of my thought, and I sigh as I pick up the phone.

"Hey, baby." the familiar voice on the other end sounds.

"Hey, Tom."

"You sure you don't want to go to the party with me tonight?" he asks.

There's a party in the next town tonight, and Tom has been begging me to come with him, but I haven't been feeling it and I need to study math.

With the exam coming on Monday, I don't have much time left.

"No, I'm sorry. I can come pick you up so you won't be driving drunk, though." I tell him, feeling bad about not coming with him.

"Yeah, that'd be nice. It's okay if I go, right?" he asks.

"Yeah, sure. You have fun." I smile and say goodbye. Just because I don't want to party, doesn't mean he can't.

I sigh and hop off the bed to get my math notebooks.

In two hours, math is forgotten and I'm sound asleep on my notebooks.


Beep. Beep. Beep.

"Ugh, shut up." I groan, outstretching my arm to get to the annoying noice and turn it off, but Tom's name flashing on the bright screen stops me.

Shit, I forgot to pick him up.

"Where are you?" his voice fills my ear when I pick up, his words slurred.

He's drunk.

"I'm so sorry, I fell asleep. I'm coming right now."I tell him and hang up, rushing to get the car keys.

Sonia's watching TV when I rush past her and she lifts her brow in question.

"I fell asleep and forgot to pick up Tom. Can I take your car? Thanks." I rush and grab the keys while Sonia simply shakes her head and continues watching TV.

I slam the door behind me and get in the car, telling myself to be careful because this is not my car and because I got my licence only a month ago.

With that, I'm off to the center of the town where the big party is. Apparently people from other states came here just so they could be here, so I already know the crowd that will be there.

With those thoughts in mind, I call Tom.

"Hey, could you maybe meet me by the supermarket? I don't know how to find you otherwise." I ask him and he sighs.

"Sure. Are you close?"

"Yep, I'll be there in about five minutes." I tell him.

"Good. See you soon. Love you." he says.

"See you soon." I quickly reply and hang up, taking a turn.

There are a lot of cars everywhere around me and loud music fills the night air. A few teenagers stumble around me, reminding me of what I'm supposed to be like.

I manage to find a small spot, almost too small for the car, near the supermarket, and I get out to walk to the entrance of the building.

The area is quite vacant, more than I expected it to be, and my fear of dark slowly starts to seep into my bones.

I wrap my arms around myself protectively, looking around but no sign of Tom.

Sighing, I begin to play with a small stone on the pavement, when two arms suddenly wrap around me from behind and I let out a loud shriek.

"Shh, baby. It's just me." Tom says into my ear and I relax slightly.

"You scared me!" I scold him and try to push him away, but his arms don't let me go, and he begins to press wet kisses on the skin of my neck.

"What are you-" I begin to ask but he shushes me and I suddenly feel uncomfortable.

Very umcomfortable.

His lips move to my ear lobe where he begins to suck and I squeeze my eyes shut.

"Tom, stop, please. I'm really not into public displays of affection."

He scoffs. "Yeah right. You're just not into affection with me, don't lie to me." his breath stinks of alcohol and my heart drops.

I try to push him away from me, but his grip only tightens as he inches us towards a dark alleyway.

"What are you doing? Let me go!" I protest.

"Oh, come on. It's just me. I just wanna kiss a bit." he says, as his hand starts inching closer to my breast.

I feel completely helpless. I'm too weak to push him off, and alone in the darkness.

"Tom, stop, please. I'm begging you. This isn't you." I say, tears starting to pool in my eyes.

"Don't make this a big deal. I'm your fucking boyfriend and I can't even touch you? Fuck that." he sneers and grabs my boob, making a strangled cry leave my lips.

"I don't want this." I whisper but he ignores me and continues to touch me all over, his other hand slowly trailing south.

"You are so hot, baby. It would be a real fucking shame if we let this body go to waste just because you had a boyfriend that you can't forget." he says, sucking on my neck and I feel an urge to scrub my neck with soap.

"I have been so patient with you." he tells me and shakes his head. "I can't be patient anymore."

I let out a loud cry when his hand reaches his destination, my private part.

I squeeze my eyes shut, not wanting to see any parr of this, but open them in surprise when I hear my shirt being ripped apart.

Just as I realize that I'm being betrayed by a person I thought I could trust in the cruelest way possible, I see something in the distance, at the other end of the alleyway.

A mop of dark brown hair and emerald green eyes.


Love, P.❤

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