Chapter 16- Deserted

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Lancelin's P.O.V:

I was jealous, okay? I couldn't watch you sleep with one woman after another and I couldn't stand the fact that I was the one who had to call and make arrangements for you two to fuck when all I wanted to do was strangle the life out of you both!

Her words rang in my head as I licked her taste off my lips. I'd intentionally sucked some of her energy, just to show her how dangerous I could be, but as a result, I now had her taste in my tongue and her essence in my blood.

She tasted of strawberries and mint with a hint of spice...chilies? Simple and sweet with a bite, just like her personality.

I clenched my hands on the steering wheel, having already started driving ten minutes ago with Sana a silent presence beside me. It wasn't just sweet and simple, it was also very addictive. I could feel her energy inside me, her life force. Incubi are immortals, the energy we need to keep on living is far more than what a human needs in one lifetime. Which is why I can only sleep with the same woman a maximum of seven to eight times, ten for some strong ones, but anymore and they die right then and there, their body shriveling up with no energy left in the cells to maintain the body structure.

An image of a dried up, shriveled up Sana flashed before my eyes and felt my jaw clench so hard it was agony.


Sana's startled cry from beside me made me pull over on the side of the road, only to have her dabbing at my chin with her handkerchief. When the white of the cloth became stained with red, I realized I'd bitten the inside of my lip while gritting my teeth.

"What did you do?" She asked, leaning on towards my side of the car to inspect my lips carefully. "Wh-?"

I caught her fingers in my hand as they were tracing my lips and with my free hand, pulled back my lower lip to show her the healing wound. Her eyes widened in disbelief as the wound closed up in a mere few seconds to leave completely healed skin in its wake.

"How?" She whispered, taken aback; but then she answered her own question. "You're immortal."

"Not all of us are," I told her the truth since she already knew the basics and as my Scribt, she'll need to know more. "There are some who choose to fade away by putting a halt to their energy consumption."

"Why?" She looked at me with wide green eyes that shore with the purity of her soul. Sanaya Johnson was supposed to have a long, happy life. Her lifeline pulsed with a pure, vibrant energy and the greedy demon inside me wanted that energy, that light all to myself. This is why I didn't want Sana to be my Scribt. If she stays with me, she'll have to experience things, see things that'll change her for the worst...and I didn't want that kind of life for her.

Which is why I decided that after she served the mandatory three-year contract at my company, I'll erase her memories of us, erase everything she feels for me and send her on her way. She deserved better.

"They find someone especial that mean more to them than staying alive for centuries." I answered her question.

"And you can't be one of them." She answered ruefully.

"No." Sana was so easy to read. Her eyes betrayed everything that went on in her mind. "I'm their Prince, the heir apparent to the throne. I can't afford to fade away."

Even as her eyes widened, her lips curved up in a sarcastic smile. "Why am I not surprised anymore?"

"You'll get used to it." I told her before starting up the car. We had a destination to reach and we were already running late.

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