Chapter 15-Hidden Desires

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Lancelin's P.O.V:

Sanaya looked from the plate her mother, Samantha Johnson, had given me and back up to my face and repeated the process a few times before she gave me a purely evil look, as if I'd just murdered her pet hamster.

I took a portion of the pancake into the fork and held it out to her. "Want some?" I asked, raising an eyebrow, to which Samantha burst out laughing and Sanaya's jaw hit the floor.

"Yes Sanaya," her mother said in between chuckles. "Want some?"

She closed her mouth and glared at her mother. "Yes, I'd like to have my own breakfast please."

I shrugged and put that forkful of pancake into my mouth while Samantha placed some more pancakes into another plate and drizzled it with maple syrup. Sanaya took the only available seat beside me and placed her handbag on top of the counter.

As Samantha placed the plate in front of Sanaya, I took the time to look at her properly. When Sanaya had first entered the room, it had taken me a while to recognize her. With her hair down and sans the glasses, it was impossible for anyone to know who she really was. On top of that, she was wearing a dress rather than hr usual pants and shirts. It hugged her in all the right places and for the first time I noticed just how perfect she was. Long legs, slender waist and a heart shaped face with bangs hanging loosely around her face. She also looked younger, more her age.

And what worried me most was just how attractive I thought she looked. That wasn't supposed to happen, I thought with a frown. Acelin and I, out of our entire race, had decided not to sleep with our employees. It wasn't in any of the written rules our people were supposed to learn by heart, but personally, we both knew it hampered the efficiency of the workers. But ever since Sanaya Johnson had set foot into my office, she'd been a cause of distraction. One way or the other, I always found myself thinking about her.

When she'd pulled that stunt yesterday, after getting over my initial anger, I'd felt myself respect her even more. She knew where her loyalties were and yet she'd stood for what she'd thought was right. She had a strong moral compass and a backbone of steel that she'd displayed from the very start. She'd even made me change my mind and hire her after the one-week deadline I'd placed on her. And then there was the fact that I'd not only tried to make her comfortable yesterday, but here I was, sitting in her kitchen and having pancakes, worried that after she'd gotten over her shock, she might have turned hysterical. The things this woman is making me do...

We fished our breakfast in silence and Sanaya collected my plate before I had a chance to put it in the sink. She stayed quite the entire time as we said goodbye to her mother and I brought my car to the front door. Sanaya gave her mother a final embrace before she put her luggage in the back seat where I had placed mine and got into the passenger's seat of my SUV.

"Ask." I told her as I started the ignition and started driving. "I can feel you about to burst out of your skin with curiosity." It was about a two and a half hour ride from Sanaya's house to our hotel in W. Babylon, so I had plenty of time to answer her questions.

"How did you eat normal food?" She gushed out the second I'd finished my sentence.

And I couldn't help myself. I threw my head back, laughing so hard that my cheeks hurt. Damn! I had never laughed this hard in my entire life!

Sanaya's P.O.V:

I felt my eyes go wide as I heard Lancelin laughing with his head thrown back against the seat. I'd never seen him laugh like this before. It didn't make him any less intimidating, but it did make him devastatingly gorgeous. Yes, I might still be a bit weary of him after I'd learned the truth, but I had no trouble admitting that I found him gorgeous.

"Really Sana, that's what bothering you?" He spoke through his laughter, somehow still managing to drive in a straight line and I felt my heart kick up a beat when he called me Sana.

Sure, Ace calls me Sana all the time but I'd worked for him for three years and we were friends of sorts, but Lancelin? It's like my name was meant to be said only by him. They way it rolled off his tongue so made something deep within me ache.

"To answer your question," Lancelin said once he'd calmed down, "I don't just rely on sex as my diet otherwise I wouldn't be barking at you every morning to get me some coffee," a pointed look in my direction, his eyes still sparkling, before he turned his eyes back on the road. "I can eat all sorts of food and before you ask, I use the bathroom just like any human does, but unlike humans my body can't extract the nutrients out of those foods to provide me energy. I can only borrow energy from human females and I'm sure you know the rest."

I nodded. I knew the rest all too well and even though I finally understand the logic behind him sleeping around...I still found myself clenching my fists in my lap. "Would you sleep with anyone if she could give you the energy you needed?" I found myself asking even before I realized it myself.

Suddenly, the temperature inside the car dropped a few degrees, just like it had when Lancelin had found about what I'd done in the office. "You don't get it, do you?" It was more of a growl. "It's the only way we can survive. I didn't choose this life for myself, I was born into it and that's how it has worked for me for over two hundred year now. I can't change who I am Sanaya and I hope you won't keep judging me for who I am."

Of everything he said, the words 'two hundred years' kept ringing in my ears. "Dear God, Lance! How old are you?"

The temperature of the car went back to normal again, just as Lancelin asked me, "First you need to tell me why you just asked me that question." His voice was firm.

"I-I was just c-curious..." I told him, cursing myself for stuttering.

"That doesn't sound like normal curiosity to me Sana, and neither did calling all the women in that diary to my office just so you could teach me a lesson." I was glad that he didn't take his eyes off the road, because if he had, I wouldn't be able to look into his eyes.

"Sana." It was a warning when I didn't answer for a long time.

"Fine!" I snapped out. "I was jealous, okay? I couldn't watch you sleep with one woman after another and I couldn't stand the fact that I was the one who had to call and make arrangements for you two to fuck when all I wanted to do was strangle the life out of you both!"

I was panting when I was finished with the rant, well aware that I'd completely blown off my cover by every word I'd said and I didn't give a flying fuck about it. A girl had her limits too, damnit! And staying with Lancelin had been a living Hell! Yes, I was attracted to him. I, Sanaya Johnson, was attracted to my boss, Lancelin Eustis, who was a bloody Incubus! Why I hadn't been able to stop myself from liking him wasn't the question. Hell, even I hadn't realized it myself until I'd already called upon fifteen women and told them to come to Lancelin's office all at once, just so they would see for themselves how big of a jerk he was a leave him for good. I know Lancelin was way out of my league but for some reason my brain couldn't get that point across to my heart!

The car screeched to a halt on one side of the road, almost making me hit my head on the dash board and the next thing I know, Lance had hauled me close to him and his lips descended n mine with a blind fury that had me clutching onto his arms, bringing us even closer.

When we finally pulled away for air, I was feeling more than a little light headed while Lancelin held me in his arms, my heart hammering against my chest. When I could finally speak again, I asked him what I had in my mind, my voice sounding breathless. "Why d-did you k-kiss m-e?"

"You're not the only one who had to hold back till now." He released me gently, setting my head against the seat. "But I can never be with you, or with any other human for that matter."

"Why?" I asked, my breathing somewhat returning to normal. "You want me." I'd felt it in his kiss, in the way he'd held onto me.

"Yes." He admitted openly, making my heart beat even faster. "And this attraction will only lead to one thing; your death."

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