Chapter 14-Truth Amid the Myths

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Sanaya's P.O.V:

"Mum, have you ever heard the word Incubus before?"

Two hours after Martin had dropped me off home, I've had a hot shower to clear my mind, had the biggest dinner of my life- mostly because I wouldn't be able to enjoy mom's cooking for a month- and then I'd shad to tell my mom that I'd be off to distant lands for a month, slaving for the Prince while he extended his kingdom...quite literally. Mom hadn't taken it well, as I'd expected and I'd had to convince her that I'd be okay and I wasn't going there on my own, although I wasn't that convinced of my own words. That is why I was up packing a huge suitcase with my mom at two in the morning.

Mom froze midway while folding a dress she was convinced I'd need for the inauguration party. It was kinda old but it was gorgeous and it was a gift my father had given her.

"How did you know about that?" Her voice held an unusual blend of panic and anger and it made my gut clench in fear. Something wasn't right.

"!" I came up with as much of a convincing lie I could at such a situation. "She was reading this new know how she likes all creepy stuff..." I laughed awkwardly to make it sound believing while my heart sped up a mile a minute. "But why did you sound so scared?"

My mother looked at the dress she had just folded; her short dark brown hair framed her face and hid her expression from me. Then she placed the dress neatly into suitcase and locked her hazel eyes to my light green ones. "There's a lore about them in my hometown. It's said that they are demons that went after beautiful women, especially virgins. They came at night when everyone was sleeping and raped the girls, sometimes more than once."

My heart felt like it was being clenched by icy fingers. That can't be true! Lancelin didn't have to rape anyone; women were always drawn to him like magnets. But what if that's only him? Him and Acelin aren't the only Incubi out there, then what about the others? How do they feed? There's so much I didn't know about the Incubus race, about Lancelin, even Acelin, and I'm only realizing this now.

"And what happened to the women after?" I asked, trying to get something out of her without having to give away too much.

"They died." Was her curt reply, her face devoid of emotions. "Their body was shrunken to almost nothing, bones jutting out of skin and completely devoid of any moisture. Even the blood in their veins dry up and leave them as hard as wood. However, there were some unfortunate ones who got pregnant and they ended up in a far worse state. Instead of dying at once, they died slowly, painfully as the devil's spawn inside them fed on their life force and then they ate their way out of the mother's womb."

"Alright mom, that all I need to know. Thanks for creeping me out." I shuddered, dangerously close to a panic attack.

And then my mother burst out laughing, causing my jaw to hit the ground.

"Mom!" I whined, the icy grip around my heart disappearing as a wave of relief crashed through me.

"Oh honey," she wiped away tears of laughter from the corner of her eyes. "You always were quite the scary cat."

"But is it true though? The things you just told me?" I asked her, a nagging feeling remaining in my mind that whatever she said wasn't all a joke.

"Well, that's what my grandmother told me, but I'm pretty sure she did it so I wouldn't have sex before marriage." She folded in more cloths and placed them neatly inside the suitcase. "She was a bit traditional. Although she did mention having sex with an Incubus herself." Mom laughed at the silliness of that thought, but I wasn't convinced. I'd have to learn from Lancelin directly how much of what my mother said was true.


The next morning, I got up early, despite the flight not being for another five hours, and did my daily routine before heading down for breakfast. I'd chosen to wear dark blue jeans instead of the formal pants I wear for office and a white shirt pared with a green blazer. However, my mother frowned as soon as she saw my appearance.

"Honey, you hate jeans and for God's sake, let your hair down for today," she told me whilst pouring a heap of pancake batter on to a pan. "You're only travelling to the location today; why not just wear a dress?"

"Travelling with my boss mum," I reminded her. "I can't just go wearing a dress like it's a casual outing."

"Yes you can!" She told me sternly, arms folded across her chest. "Now go change into that blue dress I got you for Christmas, let your hair down and do not make me repeat myself."

I sighed. I may be over twenty years old but whenever my mom uses that voice on me, I feel like I'm five all over again. Pouting, I turned back and went into my room and unwillingly changed into the blue dress that mom had mentioned. It was a bodycon dress, came to just below my knees and had three quarter sleeves. The neckline wasn't that low but it was still lower than what I usually wore, so I put on a white blazer on top of it that had a high neck and buttoned up the top few buttons.

Finally, I undid the knot on the top of my head and my hair fell around my face in layers; and I immediately regretted letting it down. With my hair up, I could at least fake a professional look, but with it down I simply looked like a toddler in a pantsuit. My mom thought that I looked more my age, but having a baby face was my biggest disadvantage especially when I had to act as Secretary for Acelin and Lancelin Eustis. Having the glasses helped though, which is why I haven't switched them with contacts even though they would be much more convenient, but in case my mother makes me go change again, I took my glasses off and placed them in my handbag and replaced them with transparent contacts.

Combing my hair so it stayed in place, I applied some light pink lip balm and a busting of compact before sticking those two into my hand bag and heading towards the kitchen.

"Mom! Is this okay now?" I asked her whilst pulling my suitcase along with me towards the living room that adjoined the kitchen.

"Yes honey, you look great. Doesn't she Lancelin?"

My attention immediately snapped towards the kitchen island where my mother had served me breakfast. The only difference now however, was that sitting in front of the island on my chair, eating from my stash of pancakes, was none other than Lancelin Eustis.

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