Chapter 13-Calm Before the Storm

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Sanaya's P.O.V:

"What's a Scribt?"

I've never heard the word before, but I knew it couldn't be anything good. And by the way Mary was looking at the floor; I knew it was something awful. "Mary?" I asked again, this time with a firmer voice.

"It's like a P.A of sorts. We keep track of the women they've slept with, make sure no woman is repeated and cover up after them so no one finds out about them."

I narrowed my eyes at her, "So basically, we're their servants."

Mary winced at my tone by nodded unwillingly. She knew I was right. There was no other word for it, we were pretty much going to be slaving for them. "Do I have a choice in this?"

"You do." Mary turned towards me. "You can choose to walk away, but if you do that then your memories will be erased and you'll lose your job in this company. You'll also forget about your time in BlueStar and all your records will be erased. But it's not only you; everyone you've interacted with will also forget you never came into their lives."

I looked at Mary with my eyes wide and mouth gaping.

So there was no choice at all. Either I work for Lancelin or I give up the life I've built with so much hard work. An image of the fifteen women leaving the room like mindless zombies flashed through my mind and I shuddered in horror.

"I want to go home." I told no one in particular.

"I'll send Lancelin inside." Was all she said before she left the room, shutting the door behind her.

I stayed in the bed, unsure of how to react. Not only had I caused trouble for the women, I'd done so because I'd wanted to get Lancelin into trouble. Even if I ignored the fact that Lancelin was my boss, he was also Acelin's brother. Now I didn't just lose Lancelin's trust, I also lost Acelin's.

"Planning other methods of my downfall?"

Startled, I looked up from the sheets to Lancelin's topaz gold eyes. He was leaning against the door casually and for the first time, he didn't have a jacket on. He wore a black shirt with their sleeves rolled up to his elbows and dark grey pants. His hair was wet from a shower and from the bare forearm of his left hand, I could see a tattoo peeking out just below his elbow.

The red I had seen today in the office was gone; his eyes were back to their usual gold color. For the first time, I felt myself looking at him from a different prospective. Incubus. A different species. Until a few moments ago, I didn't even know that term existed.

"What are you?" I whispered, not being able to form my voice. I knew Mary had already told me the answer to that, but that wasn't the answer I was looking for.

"A monster." Lancelin shifted from the wall and started walking towards me. "Someone who feeds on the life fore of women to stay alive and isn't sorry for what he does. But I don't take lives unnecessarily, because I don't like lowering my food resources."

Yes, somehow Lancelin had known what I needed to hear. "I don't know what to think..." I told him, still maintaining eye contact. "I don't understand what this all means."

"There's nothing you need to worry about," Lancelin took a seat on the bed facing me and then he unhooked one of my arms from around my knees and took it in his. "We're not that different internally or externally. We just have a different source of food."

"And super human powers." I reminded, oddly comfortable with him touching my hand. Looks like I'm taking this better than I thought I would.

"Yes," Lancelin's lips tilted up at the corner slightly. "There's that."

This close I could see every line, every angle of his face and it struck me anew just how beautiful he was. Yes, beautiful; like a statue carved by the Gods themselves. There was no doubt why women flocked him by the dozen. And as much as I hated to admit it, it made me angry to watch him with a different partner every night. But now that I knew the reason it felt a bit easier to deal with.

"What do I do now?" I asked. And I was asking him that question literally. I was in what looked like Lancelin's room and I had no idea how long I'd been out. I had to call my mom and tell her I was alright, at least physically, and then I had to come to work tomorrow acting like today never happened.

"Well, for starters," Lancelin placed my hand back on the bed and stood up. "You need to get your ass off my bed and go home and then you'll need to start packing."

"Packing?" I frowned, removing the covers to find myself still dressed in my pants and shirt sans the jacket. "What for?"

"Trevina just called," he said a bit ominously. "We're heading out to West Babylon tomorrow."

Shit! The hotel! How could I have forgotten?

Acelin's P.O.V:

"No screams yet; looks like things are working out for now." Marissa said from the seat across me as we waited in Lancelin's living room.

"For now," I reminded her. "When someone feels too many emotions, their brain sometimes turns them off and they feel an unnatural sense of calm."

"So you're saying this is the calm before the storm for Sanaya?" Mary asked.

"It could be, or it could be that she really has accepted who we are." I told her as I stood up from the chair and buttoned my jacket. What I didn't tell Mary was that Lancelin had been unusually concerned about Sanaya's health. And that coming from my brother was indeed surprising.

It's not that Lancelin is a cold, heartless bastard, but it's exactly the opposite. Lancelin cares too much about people under his care. But what I see between him and Sanaya causes me concern.

The door to Lancelin's bedroom opened at that instant and Sanaya walked out looking a lot less frightened and anxious than I'd seen her this morning. Some of it had been a miscalculation on my part though. I'd told Lancelin in front of her that we don't hurt innocents and to a frightened young girl it must have sounded mighty ominous. But what I hadn't realized was that Lancelin would've never hurt Sana.

Lancelin came out a second later and handed Sanaya her jacket. "Martin will drop you home." He told her.

I motioned for Mary to go with Sanaya and Mary left quietly, both me and Lancelin following behind until the elevator doors closed behind them. But before I had a chance to ask Lancelin how things went, he spoke.

"I'll be staying at my new branch in West Babylon for the next month, so it'll be better if you let the Queen know I won't be able to attend court for that duration."

"But Lance, it could be something importa-"

"If by something important you mean my coronation then rest assured, our mother isn't prepared to let go of the throne this early," was his harsh reply. "Anyways, I don't want to spoil my day discussing her. Did you find out anything about the attack?"

"Nothing in particular," I told him, my rage tightly controlled by sheer strength of will. "No gunpowder, no bullet shell and most importantly, no DNA residue on any of the five buildings that we had shortlisted as having the best range to the entrance. Whoever did this made sure to clean up after themselves and from the looks of it, they've dealt with this kind of situation before."

"And they knew that I'm an Incubus," Lancelin confirmed my theory. "Otherwise, they'd have never put sage on those bullets. Whoever they are, they know who they're dealing with and how to hit us where it hurts most."

Indeed they did, but what those fools didn't know was, they don't just get to mess with us and hide in slimy gutters. No one hurts my family and gets to live freely after that. I'll find them someday, that's a surety, and when I do, they'll regret the day they were born.


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