Chapter 11-Something Unexpected

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Sanaya's P.O.V:

It was nearly ten at night when the elevator doors to Lancelin's office dinged open and he stepped into the room, looking utterly exhausted and ready to pass out.

"Mr. Eustis?" I ran out of my cabin and reached him just in time to catch him before he collapsed on the ground. "Lancelin!"

"I d-don't need help!" He fought against my hold on him as he stood up on shaky legs. "Book me a hotel for tonight, now!" He snapped at me as he walked towards his desk. "Where's the diary I gave you?"

"The diary?" I asked him dumbfounded. He couldn't possibly be thinking about that damned diary at a time like this? "Are you sure you don't want to rest for a little while?"

"Do not tell me what I should and shouldn't be doing Ms. Johnson. Get that diary and call the next three women on that list. Now!" His voice was hoarse, but there was an undertone of anger to it that I haven't heard before. And here I was thinking I'd made some progress with him.

"What are you waiting for Ms. Johnson? I said now!" He snapped me into action as I rushed to my desk to get the diary and proceeded to do as he had asked. "And make sure to keep a two hour interval for each appointment."

Finding the next three names on the Red diary, I called each one and giving them appointments to the hotel Lancelin frequents when he's with clients. Calls done, I informed Lancelin that I'd asked to book the suite at Harvey International where he usually has a room reserved. All he did was nod at me and head towards the elevator door, without a word of appreciation or a word whatsoever!

The nerve!

Feeling extremely guilty for having just practically selling off those three women, I sat down on my desk, thinking of what to do next. I've never met someone like Lancelin before who has no respect for women! And to think that he even has a sister! If he treats others like this then God only knows how he treats his sister?

Picking up my phone I swept through my contacts, trying to find someone to share my thoughts with. When my mom's number came up, I hesitated. Mom would no doubt have a few words of wisdom to help me through this guilt-ridden phase, but then she'd get worried about my safety and want me to quit this job. That was out of the question because not only did Reefwood give me a higher pay cheque than Bluestar, it also provided up to 40% of the fees required for medical checkups and treatments. Deciding against calling mom, I swept further down the contact list until I came upon Mary's name.

"Of course!" Marissa not only had good insight, but she also knew all about the Eustis brother's shenanigans. If there was anyone who could help me through this, it would be her. I pressed the call button.

"Hey Sunny! You staying over tonight?" Cheerful as always, even though she must've just gotten home herself. Bluestar was currently helping us run the company smoothly until Lance was back on his feet.

Oh, he was back on his feet alright. And the first thing he wants to do right after returning was fuck around rather than reassure his employees that everything was fine. I told Mary exactly that.

"Hmm...I totally understand what you mean." A sizzling sound in the background. "Hey, I know you don't like the store bought teriyaki sauce but I'm out of the homemade batch you made last month. You okay with that?"

"Mary, I'm here feeling guilty for literally selling out three women and you're discussing dinner ideas? Really?" I scrawled at the phone, knowing well that she can't see me.

"Look, it's clear that Mr. Junior Manwhore Eustis isn't coming back the entire night and it's already past office hours. So I suggest you come over, have dinner, stay the night and go back tomorrow with a clear mind?" Mary said calmly. "An empty stomach isn't going to give you any ideas and we might be able to better understand the situation once we discuss things over. Do you get me?"

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