1- "When you wish..."

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*Third Person's pnt. Of view*

"Order up for table 3!"
"Good afternoon, my name is Lisa, and I will be your waitress for this afternoon!"
"Pick-up order 319!"
"Waitress needed on table 5!"
"Order up for table 7!"

That was just a taste of rush hour at Luigi's, one of the most popular cafés in New Jersey.

Given that it was summer vacation, the place was packed with families, and teenagers looking to get a quick bite to eat.

Woking long shifts at Luigi's didn't seem long at all in summer. Being on your feet from the moment you walk through that door, till it was time to call it a night.

Luigi's keeps up a pretty stable group of lower and middle class customers, and every once in a blue moon, a celebrity would pop in, but nothing too eventful.

It was always the same old nine to five.

*Ana's pnt Of view*

"Hey Harry, how's the old man in you doing today?" I greeted one of our veterans with a smile.
"Same old Ana." He chuckled.
"Let me guess, you'll have the usual?" I replied with a slight chuckle.
"Did you even have to ask?" He replied, then with one last smile, I turned to go place in his order.

I was standing at the cashier, when five gentlemen made their way into the cafe, and everything went quiet.

Tony, our manager, noticed the change in atmosphere, and looked up from his position behind the counter, to see what was happening.

The gentlemen, walked straight for a table, the furthest from the crowd, and sat down without a word.

Tony cleared his throat, and signaled for everyone to get back to work.

I looked over at the gentlemen, and my eyes were instantly met with two pairs of dark blue eyes, and the minute our eyes met I looked away.

I placed in Harry's order, just as Tony made his way over to the gentlemen.

As I moved around the cafe, cleaning tables, and taking orders, the men only ordered drinks, they spoke quietly among themselves for a while, then got up and left, leaving a hundred dollar bill to cover their expenses.

The minute they walked out the door, the lively aura returned, and soon enough, those strange gentlemen were forgotten.

Time glalloped away, and eventually, Lisa and I were walking out of Luigi's.

"Hey, the guys and I are going out for a few drinks, wanna join us?" Offered Lisa.
I smiled, but kindly declined "No, I'm okay thank you."
"Oh come on Ana, eventually you're going to have to step out of your shell, and actually socialize with other people." Groaned Lisa.
"I do socialize with other people." I quickly defended myself.
"Okay, saying rehearsed lines to customers everyday is not socializing, nor is screaming at the characters on your television screen. Seriously Ana, you're a beautiful girl. You know, Jose has a crush on you, but every time he tries to talk to you, you run away. You have to stop being so shy, and strange." Spoke Lisa.
"I hear you, trust me, I do, and I'll try, just not tonight okay? I'm tired." I replied, feeling kind of down.
"Alright. Okay, I'll see you tomorrow okay?" Said Lisa, as she placed a kiss on my cheek, then she turned and left.

The minute she was was gone, I sighed and headed for my car, she was right, I needed to stop being so shy.

If only there was a way to get over my shyness, become confident and bold. If only I could find the balls to walk around with my head high, flirt with this guy, and finally accept a date.

Oh I only wish.

With a shake of my head, and slight chuckle, I started my car and headed home, for a comfortable night of hot chocolate, and late night comedy shows.

The next day, I headed to work bright and early, ready to see what the day had in store for me.

It was a normal day, filled with regulars, and generous tips.

I was having a conversation with Harry when once again the gentlemen from the day before made their way into the cafe, except this time their group was down to three.

It once again ran quiet, as they made their way to the furthest table.

I excused myself from my previous conversation, and made my way to Tony, who signaled me over.

Once I reached him, he smiled and said, "Hey, you mind taking their orders for me, I have a few arrangements to take care of."
"Oh, no, Tony, no, you know  I'm comfortable with regulars, I don't know these people, and you're sending me to take their orders?" I asked suddenly freaking out.
"You'll be fine, just introduce yourself, like you've done a million times, and ask if they would like anything." Advised Tony.
"So you're sending me to make a fool of myself?" I asked, feeling my face heat up.
"Do this for me, and a fresh batch of oatmeal raisin cookies will be waiting for you at the end of the day." He simply replied with a smile.
"Oh you are a bad person. You don't play fair." I huffed as I pulled out my mini notepad.
"Make me proud." And with that he slightly shoved me in the direction of their table.

I took a deep breath and started my way towards their table.

The second I arrived, the owner of the dark blue eyes looked up at me. His face cold, unfriendly.

I gulped as I felt my shyness take over, my face felt hot, and my mouth felt dry.

I cleared my throat and opened my mouth, "h-hello. My n-name is Analeina, and I I I w-will be your waitress this afternoon. May I I ask what would you li-like to drink?" I had to stop myself from closing my eyes, and making a grimace at my stutter.
"Awww Jaxon come on man, you're making the poor girl nervous." Spoke a blonde man with a friendly smile.
"Hi sweetheart, I'm Stewart, I'll have an Ice tea, this bald eagle over here," he said pointing to a large scary man, "will have a corona, and this ice king," he said pointing to the dark haired beauty, who's eyes have yet to leave my face "will have a seagrams escape."
With a simple nod, I turned on my heels and left.

I didn't breathe until I made it to the cashier, where Lisa met up with me, and patted my back, "you okay there baby girl?" She asked, and I slowly nodded after I got my breathing under control.

"Hey waitress!" Came a voice from across the cafe, and when I turned, it was the same blonde beckoning me over, I huffed and made my way to him, trying to fix a smile on my face.
"I apologize sweetheart, remind me your name again please?" He said with a smile.
"Analeina, or Ana for short." I answered, still trying to keep my nerves at ease.
"Ana, pretty name. I'm sorry but it seems there was a mistake, pretty boy here would like a coffee, no cream, no sugar, instead of the seagrams." He explained, and I could feel his cold gaze on my face, but I refused to acknowledge him.

With a simple nod, I turned and left.

By the time their drinks were ready, I managed to build up enough courage to go back and deliver their drinks.

Everything was going well, I placed the corona for the bald eagle, I handed the friendly blonde his ice tea, then, all I had to do was place the hot coffee in front of the ice king.

Easier said than done.

My clumsy knee knocked onto his chair, and my already shaky hand spilled coffee all over his shirt.

I gasped as his head snapped up to look at me, his eyes cold and angry, and I already knew... I screwed up big time.


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