Chapter 2️⃣

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The bullet went piercing through the air, grazing the guys cheek before piercing into the tree just outside my window.

"Oh my! Looks like I missed my aim!" I exclaimed, smirking.

"You did that on purpose!"
He growled.

I shrugged and said to myself out loud. "I wonder if he continues heading towards the window where should I shoot him? his brain? Arms? Legs? Or shove the gun into his mouth and then shoot? Oh wait! should I shoot his baby maker?"

He started choking at the last sentence before taking a step towards me.

"Ugh, Fine! I won't run away, okay? I will tell you who I am and why I am here!" The guy groaned as he walked over towards me.

I smirked in my victory as I sat down on the edge of the bed and saw the guys sillethouse  uncomfortably stand in front.

Twirling the gun in my hand, I aimed close to his arm before shooting to the tree outside the window just to shake him up a bit.

The guy gulped and started "Well, I was umm taking a walk ummm...
With my Log! Yes my Log! Log? I mean dog! Yeah... I was taking a walk with my dog, my friend, his sister,his mother, grandmother, maid and their cat?"

"What's the gender of the dog and the name?" I say amused.

"Do dogs have genders?" He mumbled to himself.

Coming to the conclusion I was not supposed to hear that I questioned the stranger.
"Tick tock, ke$ha, I don't have all day...... more like night. Answer the fucking question!" Glaring daggers, I pointed the gun at his head.

"Umm, it's a female? Yeah! its a dog with a vagina and boobs?" He exclaimed but sounded more like a question.

All of a sudden i didnt feel sleepy anymore as I started choking on my saliva.

"Dude, what the hell?" I mumble, shaking my head. " FYI Dogs don't have a gender." I said suspresing a laugh.

"Pfft! I knew that." He resorted.

"What's the dogs name?" I asked amused.

"The dogs name is umm-" He abruptly stopped and fake coughed before continuing.
"I mean it's name is Alyssa"

This made me burst out laughing.
"Oh my god!" I choked out, as I fell off of my bed.

"Why the hell are you laughing, angel?" The guy asked confused.

After calming down, sat in front of him leg crossed. I held  3 fingers in front of his face and ticked them off  as I said "1. Dogs do have genders. 2.most cats and dogs can't stand each other, the dog will chase after the cat and the cat will run away from the dog, Blah blah. 3.tha- that's my name!" I bursted our laughing.

After a few minutes of me still laughing the guy spoke.
"Your name is Alyssa. Wow, you have the same name as nerdy."

"Nerdy" I questioned after I stopped laughing.

"Well in our high school there's this nerd, she is always alone, does not have friends, gets picked on because of how she looks, because she is a nerd and a teachers pet. She is actually cute." He said.

"Why don't you try to be her friend?" I raised my eyebrow.

"Well..... I have a reputation to uphold, if i don't my friends might ditch me." He mumbled sounding lost.

Leaning back and staring at the ceiling, words just automatically came out of my mouth.
"You won't lose your 'friends' if they are your friends. I mean, if they are your friends they won't care about your reputation. They would be friends with you because of who you are not because of a stupid reputation." The guy nodded.

After a while of silence the guy abruptly stood up.
"What happened?" I questioned confused.

"You tricked me!" He whined.

"What are you talking abou....." I trailed off halfway through the sentence as I recalled what he was talking about.

"You tricked me by saying that dogs have gender, then you say they don't and finally you say that dogs DO have genders. I mean, what the hell!?" The guy snapped.

"Wow woman! Calm your tits!"
Exclaiming that I stood up and walked over towards the night stand and took my iphone 8S+.

"I AM NOT A WOMAN!" The guy screamed as he started walking towards me.

Taking a step toward the anonymous guy I questioned.
"Wow! What's got your knickers in a twist, huh? Boyfriend problems?" Wiggling my eyebrows, I took one last step before crossing my arms and smirking.

"Stop talking to me like I am a female. I am not a woman, I am a man!" The guy screamed as he stopped in front of me our face centimeters apart.

My eyes flickered from his eyes to his lips.
What If I leaned in- wait! What the hell am I thinking. Ugh!

"PMS-ing much?" Snapping out of my thoughts I questioned

"Wha-? Ugh! Enough of this.    
I•AM•NOT a woman, I am a man, For crying out loud!!" He said stepping forward leaving no gap between us. I wanted to take a step back but he would think I am scared.

"Men DON'T cry out loud" I pointed out.

"UGH! That was just a figure of speech so shut the fuck up and stop calling me a woman." He sighed out loud.

I shivered as I felt his breath on my face.
Composing myself I took a deep breath before breathing out "Well, how would I know that? The room is so dark that I can barley see your facial expressions."

"Then turn on the damn lights, woman." The guy says as if it was the most obvious that I could do.

"Oh I CAN turn on the lights. I thought I was not allowed to on the lights in my own house, my own room OH GOD, YES! I am allowed to turn on the lights in my own room!" I sarcastically answered. 

"No shit, Sherlock" I mumbled.

"Angel!" The guy warned.

"Well, the switch is over there somewhere and it's too dark to see and I am too lazy to look for it!" Whining, I pointed across the room to the pitch dark wall to my right.

"Huh, fine. I will turn on the switch." Grumbling, he walked towards the wall taking something out from his pocket. I think it's his phone? Switching on the flash light, his eyes scanned the wall before landing on the switch and turned the lights.

Closing my eyes, because of the brightness. I rapidly blinked before opening my eyes only to see that the room was pitch black.
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