Leo x Reader ~Trust in you~

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  The air stank. It was musty, humid, sour and sweat filled. Most likely from the two guys flanking either side of you in a cramped cellar like room that time had forgot. They had guns too , big guns and they meant business. Now you sat on a dirty wooden chair with you hands tied behind your back and a blindfold tightly over your eyes as you listened to a third man, standing across from you, chatting quickly and aggressively on his handheld phone.

You had been kidnapped by the guys a few hours earlier at gunpoint on the streets of New York and then hastily shoved into the back of a black car and driven to a run down warehouse were you know sat pensively waiting for your fate.

"Deliver the money by 10pm sharp or I blow your daughters brains out!" Barked the man on the phone as he hung up.

You felt someone touch your chin and forcefully lift your head up and you held back everything not to spit in the guys face but wearing a blindfold you might have missed your mark anyway. "Sorry princess, this will all end soon." Said the guy.

The fact was you were kidnapped by one of the local mafia syndicates and were now being used as bait to extort money from your father who also had his dealing in the underworld. You knew he was in with a bad crowd but not this bad and now you were paying the price for him. The problem was, you were pretty sure he wouldnt bother trying to get you back. He simply didnt have the money. Sure your family had MONEY but not the outrageous amount that the kidnappers were demanding and knowing your dad, he would rather send in his gang to kill you and the lot of them then try to save your life. Lets just say there was no love lost between the two of you and a big untold story for why you two felt that way about each other.

You werent sure how to break it to these thugs that they were wasting their time.

"What no words? Cat got your tongue sweet heart." He man joked.

You sighed out loud. "Dad isnt going to give you the money. We havent been on good terms for a long time."

"I doubt that, even a cranky old buzzer like old man has a soft spot for his children."

"When 10 o'clock comes and there's no money, then what?" You dared to ask.

The man chuckled and you felt something cold and hard against your temple. His gun. "Boom!" He said loud enough to make you jump.

And that's when things got weird. You heard some shuffling outside the room in the hall and someone screaming followed by a very distinct thud. The guys beside you shifted.

"Go check whats going on out there." The boss man ordered and you felt the wind stir as they walked away from you and out the rusty metal door that held you in that room.

Gunshots suddenly rang out loud and clear followed by some screams, some muffled screams, some slams, and a few other sounds that were foreign to your ears as the guy presiding over you shouted out. "What the hell are you?!"

You heard the overhead light shatter above your head as glass rained down on you. The man with you screamed and fired off his gun only to be silenced with a swift object which you heard slicing around you. You heart was in your throat as you listened for more but a very calm and resonating voice rang out.

"There's a girl in here."

More footsteps echoed followed by some light laughing and banter as a few other figures filled the room.

"Wait...isnt she the one we saw on camera getting kidnapped?" asked a higher happier sounding voice.

"Looks like it. Are there anymore dragons?"

"Nah I took care of em all." Said another gruffer voice with a new yorker accent.

"More will be on the way though, you guys werent very quiet about storming in on this place." Said yet another voice that was neither high nor low but sounded...intellectual.

You bit your lip and kept you mouth shut, not knowing if these guys were good or bad but from the sound of it there were more on the good side then the ones with you just moments before.

"Look at her, she's shaking....poor thing." Said the intellectual one.

"Can you untie me?" You asked in a quiet voice, trying hard not to panic or hyperventilate.

"If you untie her and she takes her blindfold off...."came the gruff voice again.

"We cant let her see us." said the calm one.

"You want to leave her tied here?" The happy one asked in disbelief.

"Who is she anyway, why would the purple dragons bother with a normal chick?" Gruff voice asked.

"Well...um...actually" The smart one began. You heard the sound of a small machine in operation and a few clicks like a computer. "It appears she is the daughter of the Balentine Clan."

"Holy shell...a mafiosa's kid." Gruff sighed. "Then for sure her clan is on the way and so are the cops. Just leave her."

"Nobody is coming, nobody that matters." You quickly interjected. There was silence.

"We overheard the phone call the guy made, surely someone is looking for you." Calm one asked.

You shook your head slowly. "My mafiosa father cut me off about a year ago....after I busted one of his deals and sent him to jail."

"You sent your own dad to jail?"

"Just because I was born with that type of parent doesnt mean I have to honor them." You said stoically.

"So then...."

"Dad wouldnt start a war over me, im not worth it. He wouldnt give up money or power for me either, not after what I did to him. He considers me a traitor and nothing more. We happen to share the same name and thats all."

There was another long pause and then your hands were suddenly free. You rubbed your wrists and tried to shake some blood back into them before you reached for the blindfold but two rough hands grabbed yours. "Dont." The calm voice commanded and you obeyed. You dont know why, its just that his voice was so soothing to you and you knew you could trust it. You relaxed your arms as he helped you stand up and cut your legs free with a audible woosh. Was that some sort of knife he was using? Come to think of it, how did they beat a bunch of armed men? You really wanted to know but respected the order given to you not to remove the blindfold.

Despite the lack of vision you used your hands to steady yourself on his body and felt your fingers wrap around hard rough flesh. It was hard and bumpy, slightly damp with sweat and felt nothing at all like smooth human skin. You frowned to yourself as your hands wandered up very muscular arms and across broad shoulders and then to a chest that had hard armor plating on it. What on earth was he wearing?!

"Ohhhhh check it out, she's getting fresh with Leo." Someone joked.

"Knock it off. Lets get going. Raph and Mikey, go check a head and make sure our path is clear. Donnie, can you call the cops and tip them off about this place? Ma'am just hold into my arm and I'll guide you out."

You nodded and began to walk carefully with your hands wrapped around his massive bicep. "Watch your step." He warned.

"So your name is Leo?" You asked as you walked slowly after a few minutes.


"Are the others your friends? You called them Raph, Mikey and Donnie?"

"Actually we're brothers." He said quietly.

"Brothers? Really? So......Are you military or something?"

"Not quite...."He said with a joking tone in his voice.

"Anyway...Thanks for what you did back there." You smiled slightly.

There was a pause. "You're welcome. You're pretty amazing that you didnt scream or freak out. I think any other girl would be screaming for her life in that situation."

It was your turn to pause. "Well....I guess it just comes with the territory, this isnt the first time ive been threatened."

"Because of your family connection?"

You nodded slowly.

"You're safe for now so the purple dragons wont be bothering you anymore." Leo said surely.

"There will be others. There always are." You said darkly.

"Then I'll just have to rescue you a second time." He said resolutely. You stopped walking and tilted your head to one side. You felt your heart skip a beat when he said that and it confused you. Why was his voice so comforting to you? He was a total stranger and you couldnt even look at him to see who or what he really was but you trusted him completely. Who was this strange man?

"My name is (Y/N)." You said.

"That's a lovely name."

"Is Leo short for something?" You asked as he pulled you gently into walking again.


"Wow very old fashion." You giggled.

"Yeah my dad is....unique to say the least."

"He raised a good son anyway and Leonardo is a very handsome name."

You felt him stiffen with embarassment. "R...really? Thanks. We have to climb up from hear but I can carry you. Just hang on tight."

You felt yourself being scooped up bridal style in his arms as he made a great leap that took your breath away and you landed almost silently and with little vibration a few seconds later. You felt wind at your face and new you were back outside somewhere. You could hear the sound of the city in the distance and the smell of fresh air.

"I'll leave you hear. You can make it back into the city easily from this point....."Leo stated.

"Thanks for everything Leo but...will I ever meet you again?" You asked, sad that you were parting ways.

"Id like that but....myself and my brothers are not exactly normal." He said carefully.

"Obviously if you can take out a whole gang without so much as a scratch." You laughed. "But I understand, maybe you have secrets too, just like me so its ok. I just want to repay what you did for me someday."

"There's not need for that. Im just happy that we got to you in time." he protested and lowered you to your feet. You grabbed his arm with your hand, not wanting him to go.

Leo froze under your touch as you trailed your hands up his arms and to his face which you cupped in your two hands. His face was so round and the same texture as his arms. Over his eyes you felt the bottom hemline of a mask and the roundness of his nose which didnt really feel like a nose but when your fingers brushed soft moist lips you stopped, amazed at the new sensation of this being in your hands.

"I know you're not human. I can tell that much just by touching you....but I dont mind. You saved me and Im so thankful. So Leo, what ever and who ever you are....please take this is your reward." You leaned in, standing up on tip toe as you pressed your lips against his softly.

He made a weird grunt in surprise but he stood fast in his place as you lips lingered on his. When you pulled back you let your arms fall to your side and you smiled. "Take care Leonardo."

"You to (y/n)." He said quietly.

You felt a small breeze pull at your hair and silence surround you and you knew his was gone. When you lifted the blind up and your eyes adjusted to bright street lamps around you you whirled around trying to catch a glimpse of your savior but he was long gone. Somehow though, you knew this wouldnt be your last meeting. And like he said, if you ever got into any trouble again, he would save you. You counted on his words and knew he wouldnt be the type to break them.  

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